Man Escapes Police Custody at Jefferson Hospital

Securing a healthcare facility requires accounting for the unexpected.

By Jeff Wardon, Jr., Assistant Editor

There are certain risks and dangers to healthcare facilities that are normally accounted for. However, preparing for unexpected threats is another critical step to take when securing operations. 

According to 6abc, a man escaped from police custody at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia's Center City on the morning of November 27. Authorities have not provided details on how he managed to escape, and it is unclear whether he is considered a danger to the public. Police are actively searching for him, and the public has been advised to remain vigilant. 

In cases such as this, safety becomes a high priority for healthcare facilities. Facility managers must know what to do and how to respond to risky situations.  

One avenue for security is through access control technology, which allows facility managers to restrict access to points of entry or egress. If the situation were to start escalating, access control solutions can incorporate personal panic devices and video analytics to identify and/or mitigate a threat before it gets worse. These personal panic devices utilize real time location services that can be activated by an individual if they perceive a threat, thus notifying security of who needs help and where to send it.  

“Should a critical event or violent incident occur, areas of an access-managed healthcare facility can be locked down instantly to help contain the threat,” Doug Coppola, senior director of healthcare solutions, North America at LenelS2 previously told Healthcare Facilities Today

Coppola adds that access controls that have integrated video with voice aggression analytics can help identify an incident before it escalates, alerting security to send in a de-escalation team to mitigate the threat. 

According to DMAC Security, these are six additional tips to securing a healthcare facility: 

Reduce public access areas 

  • Hire on-site security 
  • Install video surveillance 
  • Secure all entry points 
  • Require identification for all staff and visitors 
  • Ensure easy mobility 

Jeff Wardon, Jr. is the assistant editor for the facilities market. 

December 6, 2023

Topic Area: Security

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