McCarthy Completes CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi - Shoreline Patient Care Tower

April 3, 2019

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., one of the top healthcare builders in Texas and nationally, recently completed the CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi – Shoreline, New Patient Care Tower. The new tower, which broke ground in July 2016, was completed 41 days ahead of the contracted completion date. Part of the hospital’s master facility plan, the new 400,000 square foot, 10-story tower significantly adds to the hospital’s capability in providing care for patients. The tower consists of a new expanded state-of-the-art emergency department and Level Two Trauma Center – the only one in a 12-county area – including four ultramodern trauma bays, imagining facilities, 200 new patient rooms, endoscopy suite, full dietary services, graduate residency spaces, with other clinical and procedural departments. In addition to the tower, a new Central Utility Plant and multiple renovation areas totaling over 12,000 SF were completed with this phase of the master facility plan.

“We are very proud of the team’s excellent client services and capabilities in executing this large and complicated project ahead of schedule,” said McCarthy Houston Division President, Jim Stevenson. “Through extensive planning and collaboration with trade partners, the team was able to maximize flow and efficiency in the building process while working through challenges including a craft labor shortage and Hurricane Harvey.”

McCarthy’s use of best practices and client service ensured the success of this multi-building, multi-phased project. Teams spent a significant amount of time coordinating with all partners to meet the project goals. Teams utilized building information modeling and colored coordination drawings to help crews understand production goals and coordinate work within the building. Further, months of planning, testing and construction verifications were conducted by the project team to prepare the New Tower for the Texas Department of Health inspection. McCarthy and its trade partners conducted multiple pre-testing scenarios to ensure all testing would be accepted. In addition, one last round of visual inspections was conducted to ensure there would be no issues discovered during the final inspection. Through all this preparation, the inspection process was efficient and effective.

McCarthy used the latest technology to ensure quality and excellent client service including;

Laser Scanning:

  • In renovation areas prior to start of work to locate existing utilities and integrate existing conditions into coordination model.
  • In critical areas such as the operating rooms documented the as-built condition of the new space before closure of walls and ceilings. 
  • Prior to concrete placement to document exact rebar locations, confirm plumbing/electrical sleeve locations, and embed placement before each deck pour. 
  • Documented concrete placement flatness and levelness through laser scanning.

Infrared Scanning:

  • Thermal imaging on existing hospital exterior enclosure to confirm conditions and note any potential issues for repair before start of work.


  • Utilized BIM for mechanical, electrical, plumbing coordination which allowed for prefabrication elements. Prefabrication allowed for the fast track schedule and enhanced the safety and quality aspects of the installation. 

Virtual Reality:

  • Utilized virtual mockups using Revit and 3D goggles prior to building allowing user groups to get a feel of the space before building physical room mockups.

“These state-of-the-art facilities truly elevate the level of care available to all South Texans and makes Corpus Christi home to the region’s most advanced facility, an innovation that will benefit the lives and well-being of generations to come,” said Dr. Osbert Blow, President and Chief Medical Officer for CHRISTUS Spohn Health System.

 More information about the company is available online at or by following the company on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.



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