MedSign Announces a Telehealth System Designed to Reach Patients at Home

June 25, 2020

MedSign International Corporation, a digital health technology company introduces Qortex™; a first-of-its kind, home TV-based Telehealth solution that enables hospitals doctors, nurses, home health agencies and others to deliver virtual medical services 24/7/365 to patients in their homes, using what they know best… their own TV. 

The Qortex platform was specifically designed to focus on reducing ER visits and early readmissions from recently discharged or chronically ill patients by providing 24/7 virtual connectivity to their healthcare providers while recovering in the comfort of their home.  Qortex does not require expensive or complicated smartphones, tablets or computers, but instead enables users to receive healthcare anytime, anywhere using their home TV.

Qortex’s innovative and highly secure HIPAA compliant Telehealth technology provides medical professionals easy virtual access to everyone in America, regardless of age or location.  Qortex’s suite of health and wellness services also helps hospitals and physicians target, communicate, and monitor their most challenging patients– the technology averse elderly population who are ‘frequent flyers’ to hospitals, doctor’s offices, and emergency rooms.  The senior demographic is often unwilling to learn or use today’s complex Telehealth services on smart communication devices or computers, but they do know how to operate their television.  Qortex makes it easy, more convenient, and timely for patients to receive quality care in the home. 

MedSign’s plug-n-play Telehealth solution integrates its Qortex communication hub, high-definition camera and simple to navigate remote control with the patient’s TV.  “I believe Qortex can significantly reduce readmissions and ER visits by improving access to patients who have been recently discharged or with chronic conditions.  Qortex enables more efficiency and better clinical outcomes for millions of older adults who are receiving home healthcare,” said Barry Zeman, President of Healthcare at MedSign.  “The availability and simplicity of the Qortex system transcends traditional socioeconomic barriers and has the potential to not only lower the thresholds for accessing care, but also to truly increase productivity for clinical professionals,” Zeman added. 

Qortex has attracted much interest during COVID-19, as it allows patients to have real-time, full screen face-to-face visits with their care providers using their own TV.  This is especially relevant now when care must be delivered at home more effectively and efficiently by medical professionals.  Qortex also allows for Medicare reimburse for private telehealth services and can take advantage of the current interim CMS guidelines which provide for Medicare reimbursement for telemedicine visits at home, same as if they were in a hospital or physician’s office.

In addition to virtual care visits, Qortex has been a lifeline to patients confined to home, enabling them to see and talk to their loved ones and friends displayed on their TV screen at any time, easing the emotional impact of the mandated quarantine.  One result of the Coronavirus pandemic that was not anticipated has been the feelings of isolation, depression and even suicide experienced by so many.  The Qortex promise… “With Qortex, you’re never alone!”

The Qortex system is currently available to hospitals, physician groups, CHHAs, home care agencies, insurers, government agencies and others throughout California, New York and Florida.

For more information or interest in acquiring MedSign’s Qortex Telehealth Systems, call 1-800-418-9885.  To learn more about Qortex visit 

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