More Than 30 Top Kenall Products Now Feature Tunable White Technology

March 6, 2018

After winning several industry awards for tunable white lighting technology, Kenall is now incorporating this option into more than 30 LED luminaires.

Scientific studies have shown that when indoor lighting is tunable, providing the ability to mimic the warm-to-cool cycle of natural daylight, people receive a number of benefits, including a more restful night's sleep and greater alertness during the day.

This circadian entrainment is especially beneficial for those who do not have access to natural daylight, such as shift workers, office workers, students, hospital and nursing home patients, and correctional inmates. Marketing Product Manager Tim Stevens says, “We have designed color tunability into our most durable luminaires so that they perform at a very high level in even the most challenging environments. Tunable White lighting has the ability to not just illuminate a space, but to also improve work and living conditions for occupants.”

Stevens continued, “Now lighting designers can add tunability simply and affordably, without requiring more power or sacrificing function. Our LED-based technology allows for both the adjustment of color temperature and intensity of white light. And, as always, these luminaires meet or exceed the rigorous performance requirements of hospitals, behavioral health facilities, detention centers, classrooms, cleanrooms, food and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, and vivariums.”

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