New Medical Device Lifts Patients with Push of Button

May 3, 2019

Inventor and businessman, Steve Powell, has designed the IndeeLift Human Floor Lift (HFL), a portable device for quickly and safely lifting a person who has fallen to the floor, while maintaining their privacy, dignity and independence, without causing injury to anyone involved.

The fallen person simply slides onto the beveled seat and with the push of a button they are safely raised from the floor in a seated position. When they feel ready, they can stand up as they would from any chair, or can be transferred to a chair, wheelchair, gurney, or bed.

The IndeeLift HFL eliminates the dangers associated with lifting a person from the floor. Healthcare and emergency medical services rank among the top occupations for disabling back injuries, often as a result of manually lifting patients from the floor after a fall. Pain, discomfort, and severe injuries can result, leading to time off work, financial loss, medical expenses, or even the loss of a career.

Those at risk of falling feel vulnerable and afraid, often imposing restrictions on themselves. With three different models of HFLs available, those at risk of falling can feel reassured that, should they fall, they will be able to get back up quickly, safely and without injury or embarrassment.

Suitable for people with mobility issues, the HFLs are rugged, reliable and easy to operate. They are available for:

Home and Business - The HFL-300 and HFL-400 for home and business are designed for self or assisted-operation.

Professional Healthcare - The HFL-400-P and HFL-550-P are designed for use in a healthcare setting. Constructed with medically certified components, they meet the rigorous standards of the American medical community.

Emergency Medical Services - The HFL-500-E and HFL-550-E for EMS are designed for use by emergency responders. They provide both patient lift and transport, can be used in tight spaces, and fold for easy stowage on all EMS apparatus.

All IndeeLift HFLs are fully self-contained and feature long-lasting Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries and powder coated finishes for easy cleaning.

An affordable solution for those who fall and those who fear they might fall, customers who purchase an IndeeLift HFL on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo will benefit from significant discounts of up to 55 percent during the crowdfunding campaign. Discount certificates are also available to purchase which are valid for a year and are fully transferable to individuals and organizations, such as church groups, senior centers or volunteer firefighter departments.

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