No Surface? No Touch: Technology Targets Infections

By By Dan Hounsell
February 25, 2021

One key component of stopping the spread of the coronavirus in healthcare facilities is minimizing or eliminating surface contact and touchpoints. Environmental services departments have implemented and upgraded sanitization measures to achieve this goal.

Now collaboration between two Japanese companies has resulted in a new gesture-based technology that eliminates the need for touch when using buttons on control panels, according to Architecture & Design.

Murakami Corp. in partnership with Parity Innovations has developed a contactless control system for high-tech toilets. The Floating Pictogram Technology (FPT) enables the control panel interface to float as hologram-like images in the air so users can operate the buttons without physically touching the panel. In February 2021, Murakami began supplying contactless FPT system samples for evaluation by manufacturers and hospitals.

This touchless technology is designed to enhance hygiene and minimize risk of infection in a range of applications ranging from public toilets, elevators and ATMs to cash registers, self-ordering kiosks and hospital registrations.

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Topic Area: Infection Control

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