Nursing home won't allow granny cam in resident's room

May 22, 2020

Ann Nelson, 79, has an assortment of health issues and has been in lockdown at Lakefield Extendicare, near Peterborough, Canada, since March 15. Her daughter has been trying unsuccessfully to have a granny cam installed in her room to communicate with her and keep an eye on her, according to an article on the Toronto Sun website.

Nelson’s daughter has contacted her MPP, the Premier, the Patient Ombudsman, the Ontario Ombudsman, NDP leader Andrea Horwath, Long-Term Care Minister Merrilee Fullerton, Health Minister Christine Elliott, elder care lawyers and the media. She says none of the politicians have helped her.

The 79-year-old Nelson can’t press a call bell, can’t swallow very well, is a choking risk and has to rely on a suction machine, has a feeding tube in her stomach and can’t communicate or call out.

Prior to the lockdown, Nelson’s spent up to 10 hours each day working with their mom on her physical and speech therapy.

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