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Pandemic Increases Importance of Infection Control Efforts

September 11, 2020

Dialysis facilities must increase their infection control efforts during the pandemic, according to an article on the Healio website.

Cleaning of dialysis stations should be done after every patient use but should not occur until the station is empty and the patient has left the chair. 

Likewise, it is important that nurses are diligent about how they use needles and syringes. 

To reduce risk, nurses must follow CDC protocols and required by CMS for clinic operations. These include use of standard precautions such as hand hygiene for all clinic personnel, use of personal protective equipment and regular environmental and equipment cleaning and disinfection.

According to a Health Leaderarticle, infection preventionists have developed several best practices for tackling COVID, including:

  • Limiting patient visitors helps keep the virus from entering healthcare facilities
  • Eliminating waiting rooms.  Patients can wait in their cars for appointments.

Read the full Healio article.



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Topic Area: Infection Control

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Focus: Infection Control

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