Protecting Workers Beyond COVID-19

By By Dan Hounsell
February 23, 2021

Vaccines for COVID-19 are on the way for many healthcare workers, and the number of cases and deaths are leveling off or dropping. While healthcare facilities might seem like they are becoming safer workplaces, the dangers to healthcare workers go beyond the coronavirus. Providing a safe work environment is important to the well-being of hospital employees who provide and support patient care. By implementing better safety plans and improving communication tools, facilities can go even further to keep workers safe.

Long before the coronavirus came into play, healthcare was an industry riddled with risks, and facilities need to implement appropriate response plans in the case of emergencies, according to MedCity News. Workplace violence is four times more likely to occur in a healthcare setting than other private industries.

With the response to Covid-19 already stretching hospital staffs thin, it’s important for managers to ensure emergency plans are in place for every scenario — whether a fire, act of violence or severe weather incident — that could add additional strain. As part of those plans, the correct lines of communication must be in place to ensure staff, patients and visitors are informed and 9-1-1 and first responders have the most context possible before arriving to provide assistance.

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