Protective Footwear for Healthcare Workers: Honeywell Servus Passes ASTM Viral Penetration Testing

May 14, 2020

Protective Footwear for Healthcare Workers: Honeywell Servus Passes ASTM Viral Penetration Testing

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Footwear for healthcare workers is proving to be an essential part of personal protective equipment packages. In many environments, workers are having to step in a bleach bath when moving from one area to another to ensure they are not tracking viruses or other micro-organisms from one area to another. These decontamination actions help to provide a clean and healthy working environment. Selecting footwear that will withstand popular cleaning agents such as Chlorine Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ethyl, Isopropyl and Methyl Alcohol is critical. PVC boots, such as Servus by Honeywel  (made in the U.S.A.), are up for the task and used for a wide range of protection from liquid and chemical hazards ranging from organic, common in petrochemical and food processing industries, to acids and oils in heavy manufacturing industries. 

To validate protective usage in our current environment, twelve Servus SKUs recently passed ASTM viral penetration testing.  While easily cleaned and disinfected, they are ideal for a wide range of protection, holding up to bleach and other cleaning agents being used in manufacturing facilities and factories during the pandemic. 

Servus is yet another example of the overall Honeywell brand and its focus on providing equipment for those who need to get the job done. The Honeywell PPE team has rapidly increased production of critical protective masks to support health and medical professionals with new manufacturing facilities in Rhode Island and Arizona, while two Honeywell chemical manufacturing plants (one in Michigan and one in Germany) are now producing hand sanitizer. Once both N95 mask sites are fully operational, they will produce more than 20 million masks per month. 

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