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Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Life safety drawings

By Brad Keyes / Special to Healthcare Facilities Today
April 24, 2019

Q: I just got done with a triennial accreditation survey at one of my facilities and the engineer surveyor requested LSC drawings for all buildings that support patients, not just the in-patient buildings. The support buildings are business occupancy and patients do not sleep in these areas, they only go to these building for program. We are surveyed under Behavioral Health. History has it we have never had to provide LSC drawings for non-inpatient buildings. Have you ever heard of the drawings being requested for all buildings?

A: Oh, sure. This is a common, if not a normal practice. Ask yourself this question: How can you adequately maintain the rated barriers in your offsite business occupancies if you don’t have LS drawings showing their location?  How can you demonstrate to the surveyor that your travel distances are within limits? How can you demonstrate to the surveyor that your hazardous areas are properly maintained if you (or he) does not know where they are?

LS drawings are important for all the buildings you maintain… not just the hospital. This finding should not be a deal-breaker with the accreditor… meaning, you may receive a citation (or you may not), but if you do, it will not be a Condition Level Finding. Bully for the LS surveyor for asking to see those LS drawings.

Brad Keyes, CHSP, is the owner of KEYES Life Safety Compliance, and his expertise is in the management of the Life Safety Program, including the Environment of Care and Emergency Management programs.

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