STARC Systems Manufactures Modular, Re-usable Temporary Containment Walls

August 14, 2019

STARC Systems manufactures modular, re-usable temporary containment walls for use in a variety of verticals including healthcare settings when there’s a need to protect sensitive occupied areas from the disruption of renovation. 

STARC’s solution is superior to traditional drywall containment, which is noisy and messy to build, disruptive to patients and staff, creates lots of dangerous dust and is thrown out after every job. It takes two people two days to build 100 feet of drywall temporary containment.

STARC’s temporary containment system is quick and quiet to install and 2 people can put up 100’ of wall in one hour with no tools, noise or disruption. The simple lift and drop connection creates an instant airtight connection between the panels.

The 3-layer construction of our panels contain a sound attenuating foam core that eliminates up to 50% of renovation noise which benefits patients, staff,and visitors. Because the system is reusable, it can be used on 100s of jobs and pays for itself after 3-5 uses, virtually eliminating future material and labor temporary containment costs.


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