The Ultimate Pick Module Fan: Solving Space and Sound Issues

April 12, 2019

With an impressive and highly efficient blower, the ‘DB’ is the only high-velocity "quiet fan" on the industrial market today. While the newly redesigned unit still supplies a forceful dual column of air, it is now even lighter and quieter than before. Patterson engineers have been able to reduce the shipping weight by nearly 34 percent to a mere 39-pounds, and further lower the decibel output from 65 to 60. Conceived with distribution and fulfillment centers in mind, this low-profile unit seamlessly combines the need for increased air movement with the noise reduction requirements commonly found in today’s modern pick modules.

The DB’s small footprint provides more headroom in pick modules, dock door applications, and low-ceiling areas, allowing 50 percent more clearance than a similar performing 18-inch high-velocity fan. It features a half horsepower motor to power the double blower, throwing an evenly distributed dual column of air 50 feet with minimal energy consumption.

With low noise emitted at just 60 decibels, the DB is 70 percent quieter than a standard 18-inch high-velocity fan. Ease of communication is greatly improved with this level of noise reduction, and improved communication is a key component of greater productivity.

“JSE has designed big-box warehouse/distribution centers for many years. Many of these have pick modules are located inside a tempered warehouse, with high-velocity circulation fans. We were pleased when the DB series was introduced, as it addressed the two major issues that we commonly faced – noise and size. It is our pick-mod fan of choice these days,” says M. Lynn Witcher, Senior Mechanical Designer at Jordan & Skala Engineers.

The DB is also included in the Patterson 30-day demo program. Customers can experience the full effect of a low-profile fan today for 30 days – no strings attached.

Visit or call 800-768-3985 for more info on the DB.

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