Understanding the Challenges of Daylighting

October 14, 2020

Sunshine streaming through the windows not only provides light, but improves our mood. Plus, science is showing that daylight can help us work or learn, according to an article from Building Operating Management on the FacilitiesNet website.

“Light is an important part of using and experiencing a space,” said Seth Ely, senior lighting designer with Stantec. After all, he points out, humans evolved around daylight and around being connected to the outdoors and able to experience a natural 24-hour cycle. “Daylight has health benefits beyond visual acuity,” he adds.

To capture the most benefit from daylighting, appropriate controls to regulate various building elements — from lighting to HVAC and other system — are needed and should work together, said Robert Fagnant, associate partner and practice area leader with engineering design firm Syska Hennessy.

Talk of the benefits of daylighting systems often starts with the potential energy savings. While these will vary, they can be significant. James Benya, principal illuminating engineer and lighting designer with Benya Burnett Consultancy, conducted a study for a major online retailer, assessing whether it would make sense to install skylights in its distribution centers. In the southwestern region of the U.S., the potential savings could make the investment worthwhile, due to copious amounts of daylight and high electricity rates.

Read the full FacilitiesNet article. 


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