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Updating a healthcare facility ventilation system

January 24, 2020

Taking a fresh overview of your ventilation system and making easy and effective changes can pay big dividends, according to an article on the Multibrief website.

For instance, according to a research team at the University of Cordoba, 90 percent of hospitals use a mixed ventilation system which pushes new air into a patient’s room, where it migrates to the upper portion near the ceiling, instead of near the patient.

Switching to a displacement ventilation system, in which air is sent into the room at low speeds where the patient actually is and the germy air rises so it can then go out the room's vents, can address this problem.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines require patient room air to be refreshed through ventilation regularly. Have your system analyzed for lags and make sure the air is automatically changing as frequently as can be programmed

Read the article.

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