Visualizing The Future Of Color: Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color Trends Reflect Human Touch

June 14, 2018

Sherwin-Williams announces its 10th annual Colormix® Color Forecast, with a single master palette to inspire and help professionals and DIYers select the right color scheme for any project. This year’s 42-color palette can be divided into six themes, or color journals: Shapeshifter, Wanderer, Aficionado, Enthusiast, Naturalist and Raconteur. Together, the journals are fresh, fluid swipes of color that are key for 2019 color and design trends.

“Every color in the Color Forecast, whether alone or when combined with others, tells a different story, a different riddle or different song, similar to the honesty found only in a written journal,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Our intent was to ask ourselves, ‘If this palette were a person, what kind of person might they be?’ making it important to bring forth a forecast that is personal and aspiring, yet attainable—how all design should be.” 

Wadden developed this year’s trends with the Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast team by identifying colors from free-spirited wanderers and old-world storytellers, while drawing inspiration from every corner of the globe extending to the cosmos. The result: an organic and spontaneous palette.

Color Journals


There are those who always seem a little ahead of their time. Visionary and creative, this palette reaches into the cosmos and returns with a whole universe of inspiration. Shapeshifter’s aesthetic is about the mystical, from the deep sea to the galaxy and everything in between and is rooted by strong geometrics and clean lines.

“The atmospheric wisps of color, grounded by deep, mysterious blues capture the unique space between technology and spirituality found in the Shapeshifter palette,” said Wadden.


This palette is for the person who will never be fenced in, who needs to soak in the endless horizons and subtle earthy tones of the high plains. Clays, caramels and browns come from canyons to worn leather and woven wool blankets of the true New West.

“The Wanderer palette is sun-washed and warm,” said Wadden. “It brings you to a modern desert made of one part cowboy, one part Scandinavian style that produces a luxurious result.” 


Like a bookcase of leather-bound literary classics, this pedigreed palette evokes nostalgia and timeless traditions. Copper and gold anchor merlot and gray. The tailored tones are tasteful, elegant and classic.  

“When we say ‘Aficionado,’ it evokes an emotion of what is best-in-life, well-worn and bespoke,” said Wadden. “It is ostentatious without being fake or showy, and has the right amount of charm to make it feel tasteful.”


For those who go against the grain, break the rules or are more free-spirited than the status quo, the Enthusiast palette brings maximum attitude and yet produces harmonious results. The proof is in this palette, which features bold pops of vivid blue, green and red.

“The Enthusiast palette is a fresh take on ‘maximalism’,” said Wadden. “It’s an opportunity to have fun and push boundaries with color.”


Nature lovers can connect with the wonder of the world in full bloom. This collection’s lush, sophisticated tones poke out from the rainforest as colorful tendrils. Ranging from mushroom to passionate pink, the focus on botanicals is slightly classic, with bold details.

“From conservancies to hothouses, Naturalist brings you into a chic, French woodland,” said Wadden. “It’s a place where color never fades.”


From ancient rhetoric to today’s on-screen webcasts, there is a desire and appreciation for stories and the storytellers behind them. From Africa to the New World, human origins have been translated into this rich palette that spans time. 

“From rich red to muted mauve, Raconteur represents storytelling itself,” said Wadden. “These stories are a subtle reminder of how everyone is connected.”

Color Exploration and Selection

Learn more about Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Color Forecast and other color selection resources at This immersive experience provides a more contextual overview of each color journal along with information about local Sherwin-William Colormix events for designers, which are eligible for continuing education (CEU) credit.

In addition, explore the Color Forecast and all of Sherwin-Williams colors using the ColorSnap Visualizer app, recently updated to allow customers to use cutting-edge augmented reality to make faster and more confident color selections. With Instant Paint, smartphone cameras instantly recognize walls in a three-dimensional space. Customers simply tap on any wall in their camera view to “try on and see” any of Sherwin-Williams 1,500 colors on walls in real time.

Sherwin-Williams 2019 Colormix Color Forecast







Elation SW 6827

Baked Cookie SW 9098

Dry Dock SW 7502

Oceanside SW 6496

Shiitake SW 9173

Chelsea Mauve SW 0002

Nugget SW 6697

Moth Wing SW 9174

Alaea SW 7579

Porpoise SW 7047

Delightful SW 6289

Porcelain SW 0053

Celestial SW 6808

Dark Clove SW 9183

Merlot SW 2704

Gold Crest SW 6670

Felted Wool SW 9171

Dhurrie Beige SW 7524

Endless Sea SW 9150

Caramelized SW 9186

Ancestral Gold SW 6407

Positive Red SW 6871

Dard Hunter Green SW 0041

Poised Taupe SW 6039

Blue Sky SW 0063

Cavern Clay SW 7701

Grandiose SW 6404

Argyle SW 6747

Primavera SW 9031

Rustic Red SW 7593

Extra White SW 7006

Distance SW 6243

Wheat Penny SW 7705

Majestic Purple SW 6545

Misty SW 6232

Orchid SW 0071

Dark Night SW 6237

Origami White SW 7636

Charcoal Blue SW 2739

Nebulous White SW 7063

Eros Pink SW 6860

Black Bean SW 6006

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