What Kinds of Mowers are Used for Healthcare Facilities?

Lawn mower manufacturers discuss the different types of mowers and how they can be used.

By Jeff Wardon, Jr., Assistant Editor

Mowers come in many different types. Some just mow while others have a wide arsenal of attachments to perform other groundskeeping tasks. Differing terrains and turfs will also call for different types of mowers as well. That is why in this manufacturer roundtable, Healthcare Facilities Today speaks with leading lawn mower manufacturers about the different types of mowers that can be used and the different areas they cover. 

Do different types of mowers get used for different healthcare facilities or for different areas of the facility? 

“The type of mower required to cut the grass at a healthcare facility depends on the grass type as well as the preferred look and feel. Only specialty turf, used for example in sports facilities, require specialized cutting equipment. Of course, space limitations in any area of the facility may call for a smaller footprint mower to be used.” 

— Per Kvarby, vice president product management and marketing, and Claudia Martinez, operations senior manager, Greenworks Commercial 

“All mowers cut grass, but not all mowers cut grass equally well. Look for a machine that not only provides a quality cut, but is easy to operate, comfortable to use and easy to service. The long-term cost of operation should be weighed against the short-term cost of acquisition; oftentimes, a more expensive machine with a better manufacturer’s warranty, a longer lifespan and more quality components will provide years and years of reliable service when a less expensive machine will wear out faster and need to be replaced sooner.  

Also, most facilities require more than just mowing for complete grounds care, such as leaf removal and snow and ice removal. Look for a machine that not only mows but can perform other grounds maintenance tasks with implements or attachments. For example, a FrontMount Grasshopper Mower – with the mowing deck attached to the front of the machine – can be transformed into a leaf collector, snowblower, a snowplow, a sweeper, a sprayer, a turbine blower or a coreless aerator by removing the cutting deck and/or attaching the desired implement.  

This is advantageous for numerous reasons. First, implements and attachments are generally less expensive to acquire and maintain than dedicated, single-purpose equipment. Second, the FrontMount machine maintains its zero-turn maneuverability, allowing the operator to get in and out of tight spaces where other machines would have difficulty reaching. Third, the ease of use of a lever-steer zero-turn mower can be easier on grounds crewmembers than walking or carrying single-purpose equipment. Last, but not least, the mower transcends its value as “just a mower” by becoming a year-round workhorse.” 

— Michael Simmon, marketing specialist, The Grasshopper Company 

Jeff Wardon, Jr. is the assistant editor for the facilities market. 

March 17, 2023

Topic Area: Groundskeeping

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