Why Healthcare Facilities Must Prioritize Furniture Decisions

The goal for all hospitals and healthcare facilities is to provide the best care possible, and furniture plays a role in that plan.

By Mackenna Moralez
April 20, 2022

Safety is at the top of mind for everyone within a hospital or healthcare facility. Whether it’s with cleaning practices, technology, tools or even furniture, designers are always prioritizing the health and wellness of whoever steps into the facility. When it comes to furniture, it is crucial that designers select the best options that will function appropriately within the space, but will also maintain longevity as they will be used often. In this manufacturer’s roundtable, Healthcare Facilities Today speaks with top furniture producers about what healthcare facilities should take into consideration when choosing furniture options.  

Why are furniture decisions so important when it comes to hospitals and other healthcare facilities? What are the recommended items in these facilities? 

“The number one goal of hospitals and healthcare facilities is to provide the best care possible for the patient. Furniture – and point of care (POC) products can play an important part in achieving that goal. Products that support caregivers with the comfort, control and confidence they need, allow them to put their focus where it’s needed most: the patient.  

When it comes to point of care areas in a healthcare facility, we recommend products that are ergonomic and user-centric, while also fluid, intuitive and easy-to-use. These can include mobile medical carts, wall mounts and articulating monitor arms that allow caregivers the ability to focus on the patient, while also supporting their technology needs.” 

- Steven Bramson, President, Innovative Ergonomic Solutions, parent company to HAT Collective Healthcare 

“Furniture decisions are important because of the financial investment by the healthcare institution, but more importantly, because the furniture needs to be able to support the user in the best possible way and in a variety of different applications. The ultimate goal is to improve the healthcare experience for all, and furniture can play a significant role in achieving this.” 

- Suzanne Fawley, behavioral health interior designer, Stance Healthcare 

“Patients and family members will remember the experience they have in a hospital; from the communication of their care plan, to the cleanliness of their room, as well as the food. These are the most important aspects of their stay while in the hospital. The furniture plays a crucial role in this experience; how comfortable is the chair in the room? Is there a place for me to stay overnight with my loved one? Where can I store my belongings? All of these decisions impact the patient experience, making furniture and furnishings a key part of the design in a patient setting. 

Early in the design phase, we work closely with architects and designers to create spaces that support an exemplary patient experience.” 

- Kimberly Montague, executive director, research & partnerships, Kimball International 

Mackenna Moralez is assistant editor with Healthcare Facilities Today.  

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