CoilPod LLC announces the launch of the COILPOD dust containment bag

February 18, 2016

CoilPod LLC is excited to announce the launch of the COILPOD® dust containment bag which is an environmentally-friendly solution for the indoor cleaning of self-contained condenser coil units in plug-in cooling appliances of all types. These units are contained in retail food and beverage outlets, hospitals, schools, pharmacies, and in many other commercial settings. 

A person desiring to clean the condenser coils contained in such appliances first places the COILPOD® bag (approx. 25” [65 cm] wide x 12” [32 cm] deep x 20” [50 cm] high) over the coil structure and then simultaneously supplies compressed air and vacuum, e.g., from a standard wet/dry vacuum, through two ports in the bag’s surface to remove debris from the coils while vacuuming out of the bag . The bag entraps the removed debris during the cleaning operation protecting the environment outside the bag from undesired contamination.  The company’s web site contains full details on this exciting, new device and has an online store for its purchase.  The product has been designated as a “best practice” tool by the Professional Retail Store Maintenance (PRSM) Association. 

We believe that the regular cleaning of the condenser coils in such cooling appliances, utilizing the COILPOD bag, will result in a substantial savings in energy costs and will also prolong the life of such equipment.


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