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Building design and construction can impact patient safety

By Poppy Gallagher / Special to Healthcare Facilities Today
July 14, 2017

Recently there has been a huge emphasis put on the architectural design and construction processes that are involved when it comes to building hospitals and other healthcare facilities. From the technology used to develop the designs to the equipment used throughout the project (such as the use of the crushers, for example), it is always important to put the safety of people first.

To address the problems that come to the healthcare sector and the serious safety issues that have come up, the government has attempted to make changes to not only theprocess involved in construction but also the culture and physical environmental factors involved. There is a potential for future healthcare building designs to be safer for both nurses and patients. 

Patient-centered buildings

Patient centeredness is the most important thing when it comes to healthcare facility projects. This involves ensuring that rooms are large enough to house partners and family members, areas are clearly marked to allow patients to navigate the space easily and that there are a variety of rooms offering both variable acuity and single beds. 

Safety consideration

Design features can help healthcare facilities be healthy and comfortable as possible. Buildings should be designed to help prevent patient injury and contain surfaces that are not easily contaminated or difficult to clean. 

Effectiveness of design

Building effectiveness should be a primary concern in the design and construction of a healthcare facility. Noise control and the use of natural lighting as well as lighting supports visual visual performance is important. 


A healthcare center should be built with the efficiency of the space in mind. Room layouts should be designed to with a clear distinction between where the supplies and medical equipment is kept. Efficiency also means reduced potential of safety threats,  enhanced patient satisfaction and minimized patient transfer time. 


Timeliness is vital when it comes to healthcare facility building as it supports the needs of rapid response patients and fewer inefficacies in care delivery. 

While healthcare facilities  are constructed to minimize costs, designers must also work to minimize risks.


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