Sensata White Paper – How Integrated Thermal Protection Technology Can Prevent Solid State Relay Failure in Industrial Systems

November 14, 2017

“How Integrated Thermal Protection Technology Can Prevent Solid State Relay Failure in Industrial Systems” describes the future generation of SSR power protection for industrial refrigeration and manufacturing systems.

Solid state relays provide robust solutions for electronic switching in load control applications and offer many performance, design and reliability advantages over electromechanical relays.


Since the 1970s, these solid-state relays have been a proven electronic power switching solution for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications, providing a longer lasting, more versatile, flexible and robust solution than electromechanical relays.  

However, this technology has now taken a giant leap forward with the development of new solid- state relay designs with integrated thermostats that prevent overheating, protecting component and system operation from potential damage or shut down.

This product evolution will undoubtedly change the game in thermal protection for a wide range of industrial applications.


The new Sensata white paper is available as a free download at


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