GCX Launches Next-Generation Fetal Monitoring Workstation for Today’s Healthcare Environments

November 22, 2017

GCX Corp., the leading provider of medical instrument and IT mounting solutions, today launched its newest Fetal Monitoring Workstation, which combines fetal monitoring and electronic medical record (EMR) hardware in a single bedside cart. This newest generation in the GCX Modular Cart Series is designed to improve clinical workflows and integrate IT components and accessories into an efficient, safe workstation on wheels.


“The initial feedback we’ve received from customers has been fantastic,” said Product Manager Colleen Scott. “We’ve heard it’s much easier to move around than wood carts – you can pull the module cart with one hand. People also seem to enjoy the lights, drawer dividers and wells to hold tokos/gels and pens. We even had some people tell us it’s ‘beautiful.’ Now how often does someone saythat about a medical cart?’


The new Fetal Monitoring Workstation features a fully configurable, adjustable and ergonomic design with monitoring, displays, accessories and EMR hardware all integrated into a single module cart that supports multiple users. There’s more storage, with up to six fully extendable drawers for easier access to stowed items and additional space to store a CPU, UPS or isolation transformer. Additionally, the base comes in several prefabricated or custom finishes.


 Among the workstation’s benefits:


·         Improved accessibility: Monitoring and EMR hardware is positioned for greater mobility and easy viewing by both clinicians and patients. There’s also a versatile work surface for note-taking and charting.


·         Space-saving and mobile design: An integrated approach makes is easier to quickly move the workstation out of the way during emergencies.


·         Easy reconfiguration: Drawers, monitors, shelves and IT hardware can easily be removed or repositioned as needed.


·         Better cable management: Cables are arranged and concealed for greater access and safety


·         More storage options: Wide, shallow drawers allow for ample storage space so supplies and accessories can be quickly found or replenished.


·         Flexible EMR hardware configurations: The cart’s flat panel and keyboard can be configured on demand as a fully adjustable, ergonomic workstation when data entry is ongoing and then rotated to another position or stored away when data entry is minimal. Also, more flat screens can be added to fit workflow needs.


·         Medical-grade construction: Designed and manufactured for medical use, this workstation is made to perform through 10 to 15 years of constant use.




The new Fetal Monitoring Workstation, available through direct sales and OEMs, is just the latest innovation from GCX, which has been producing IT mounting solutions expressly for medical communities for almost 50 years.  For more information or to place an order for the GCX Fetal Monitoring Workstation, visit the GCX website at https://www.gcx.com/solutions/industry/fetal-monitoring-workstations.

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