New technique detects whether a surface is truly clean

March 15, 2019

Aalto University researchers have developed a real-time optical technique for identifying dirt and bacteria on surfaces, according to an article on the website.
The AutoDet (automatic biological contamination detection) method can be used in healthcare and public spaces to ensure the cleanliness of facilities during norovirus outbreaks or flu season or that surgical tools are sterile before an operation.
With this method, patients can verify before the operation that the operating room and operating tools are clean," according to researcher Juha Koivisto.
For some spaces, cleaning three times a week is too much, while for others it is too little, Koivisto said. Using the new method for identifying dirt, cleaners can clean where it is genuinely dirty and use just the strength of detergent that is required. At the same time, the level of cleanliness can be demonstrated to the customer and end-user.
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Topic Area: Infection Control

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