Industry News - February 2015

Five issues facing healthcare real estate

Healthcare systems need to use space more efficiently, even as they incorporate more outpatient and ambulatory care


Kentucky facilities open 'Operation Snow Command Centers'

The nature of the work demands that those in patient care must be there


Heavy snows cause gas leak, fire at Duxbury memory care facility

Facility was evacuated after heavy snow load pushed the gas meter away from the building and snapped the pipe


Boston hospitals battle to keep things running during winter storms

Facilities struggle with shortages of beds, linens and transportation


North Texas spending billions in hospital building boom

Region is extreme example of national building trend


Top eight risks in healthcare industry

Healthcare risks in South Africa analysis similar to those of worldwide peers


Missionary hospital among first in India to generate solar power

Holy Family Hospital in Okhla will be the first non-government building to have a large solar rooftop system


Kansas hospital hit by power cut-off scam

Salina Regional Health Center employee tricked out of $1,500


Focus on Ebola leaves gap in attention to other outbreaks

In survey, 79 percent reported that such focus reduced capacity to prepare for other disease threats


Walk-in behavioral health clinics gaining popularity

The emerging trend of walk-in behavioral health facilities is providing a potentially better alternative to an emergency room visit, according to an article on the Behavioral Healthcare website


Can Disney MagicBands work for hospitals?

A MagicBand could replace patients' ID bracelets and allow patients to hold up their wrist to open doors or check into new areas



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