Industry News - April 2015

Designing healthcare facilities to fight infection

Ventilation, furnishings and fixtures affect the bacteria inside a hospital


The evolution of urgent care centers

Infusion suite within or adjacent to the urgent care center are becoming more common


Long-term care facilities stressing more basic healthcare

Facilities are surpassing hospitals as focus of healthcare for the elderly


N.Z. health board proposing improvement food service for healthcare facilities

New nutrition standards, developed with health board dietitians, would be introduced


Winning strategies for waiting rooms

Furnishings should accommodate diverse postures, behaviors, and levels of privacy


Australian healthcare facility kitchen staff returns, but patients may still get Big Macs

The kitchen staff has gone back to work at the biggest hospital network in Kingston, Victoria, but patients may have to be given take away instead of reheated hospital meals, according to an article on the Herald Sun website


Mercy Hospital Joplin expanded definition of resiliency

Replacement healthcare facility built to withstand severe weather after tornado


Scope maker warned Europe about problems two years before L.A. infections

FDA learned of scope warnings last summer but didn't alert U.S. hospitals


Report: Retail clinics could handle 27 percent of emergency visits

Shift could create $4 billion in savings


Connecticut hospital adjusts to changing healthcare needs

As the healthcare picture changes, New Milford Hospital is adjusting


251 hospitals score five stars in Medicare's new ratings

Some in the healthcare industry fear Medicare's five-star scale won't accurately reflect quality and may place too much weight on patient reviews


Hospitals leaving downtown areas

Older, obsolete facilities are rebuilding in wealthier areas


Deer jumps through hospital window

Doe took a brief walk through a MidMichigan Health Center before leaving


Companies feud over UV robots

Two manufacturers of ultraviolet disinfection robots are in court over advertising claims


Weather linked to hospital acquired infections

The numbers of healthcare infections go up with the temperature


Patient care, sustainability priorities in Middle East hospital design and construction

Study reports that integrating nursing and patient friendly design as the top priority in designing new hospitals throughout the Middle East and North Africa


Webcam removal from disabled patient's room creates conflict

Pennsylvania nursing home removes device patient used to communicate with family


Johns Hopkins builds Ebola unit

Unit is designed to safely care for patients with the disease and other dangerous infections


Henry Ford Innovation Institute encouraging new design ideas

Patient experience and care trends inform new concepts


Army Corps of Engineers taking over Colorado VA hospital project

The project, originally priced at $328 million, is now expected to cost $1.73 billion


Survey shows little connection between healthcare sector and senior care

Just 10 percent of surveyed senior living providers and industry consultants have a partnership with a healthcare system, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


South L.A.'s MLK hospital reflects the new healthcare

The campus emphasizes preventive treatments, with a new urgent-care center and outpatient and public health clinics


Healthcare facility planner discusses regulations, economy

Regulations, economics and patient preferences are changing healthcare facilities and campuses


LED bulbs could help with infection control

LED bulb designs could be customized to be less attractive to specific disease-carrying insect species



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