Industry News - October 2016

Troubled Aurora VA hospital on track to open in 2018

The project is now 78 percent complete and officials say the facility has overcome its cost issues


Boston healthcare facility runs food pantry

Boston Medical Center uses project to support patient health


Retail clinics want to move beyond minor illnesses

New facilities will deliver primary care and managing chronic disease


Healthcare facilities 'retailing' to compete

Retailing refers to healthcare systems treating patients like informed consumers


MetroLink's FTA grant aims to connect rail riders with wellness services

Transit riders in the north St. Louis area will have access to healthcare screenings at local rail stations


Lawmakers seek changes after VA healthcare facility construction debacle

The Veterans Hospital in Aurora, Colo. is still incomplete


Quick diagnostic healthcare facilities sometimes more effective and cheaper

Many acute medical conditions can be treated without admitting patients to the hospital


Philly eye facility adds inpatient beds, calls itself hospital

CMS says four beds do not make a hospital


Uber platform has shown promise in creating a cheaper way to transport patients

Uber launches healthcare transportation pilot program



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