Industry News - May 2016

Hospital security guards indicted for patient death

Two former guards at MedStar Washington Hospital Center were charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of a 74-year-old patient


Dancing to the hand-hygiene tune

Hospital matron writes song to deliver hand-hygiene message


OSHA may make hospital workplace injury data public

Hospitals would be classified as a 'high-hazard' industry


Hospitals urged to follow mold protocol

Investigators focusing on negative pressure room at UPMC Presbyterian


Field hospital set up to serve workers restoring Canadian city after fire

Facility in Fort McMurray will have emergency services, a lab, pharmacy, X-ray and head CT


Venezuela’s failing hospitals lack reliable power, water supplies

At the University of the Andes Hospital there is not enough water to wash blood from the operating table


CDC links UPMC mold infections to improper use of negative-pressure rooms

CDC releases findings from its investigation into a cluster of fatal mold infections at two Pittsburgh hospitals


Live white python falls from ceiling in Tacoma hospital

The snake spent a month slithering around Tacoma General Hospital


Mayo Clinic investing in Fla. healthcare facility

The nation’s biggest healthcare organizations are focusing on Florida


Milwaukee hospital adds dogs to security team

St. Joseph's Hospital adds dogs to help keep patients safe and calm


CDC launches campaign to improve hand-hygiene compliance

The 'Clean Hands Count' campaign promotes compliance by addressing myths about hand hygiene


FDA cancels recall of superbug-linked scope cleaners

Hospitals still must not use the reprocessors in question to disinfect some endoscopes


CMS ruling lets ASCs operate as timeshare properties

Dual-licensed surgery center opens in Colorado


Joint Commission recently OK'd deletion of 131 requirements

The deleted requirements have become a routine part of operations


Boston healthcare facility includes a room for highs

Boston Health Care for the Homeless opens a room where drug users can ride out their highs under medical supervision


Operating room fire reveals lapse in safety planning

Lack of prevention plan called 'jeopardy situation'


Worker protection guidelines for Zika

CDC recommends use of personal protective equipment and hand-hygiene


Doctor fired for hiding spy pens in bathroom to catch thief

The doctor, who also faces criminal charges, said he hid the cameras to catch the person who'd stolen his prescription medication and a camera


Entering the male-dominated healthcare facility management

Woman discusses how she got started in healthcare facility management


Meijer adding medical clinics inside more stores

Retailers partner with healthcare providers to meet people where they are in Wisconsin and Michigan


Elizabethkingia bacteria found in a baby in Wisconsin

The CDC and State Department of Hygiene did not recommend culturing any additional patients or hospital staff



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