Industry News - February 2018

California hospital's workers picket before merger

Dominican Hospital workers march for speedy contract renegotiation


House passes bill weakening Americans With Disabilities Act

Disability rights advocates and Democratic leaders say bill removes incentives for businesses


JPMorgan CEO talks about Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway venture

Three companies are forming an independent nonprofit venture to lower healthcare costs for their employees


Study: 'Home hospital' model slashes costs

Model where patients receive hospital-level care in their homes doesn't hurt quality or patient safety, according to study


Amazon working to be a major healthcare facility supplier

The move comes soon after Amazon, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Berkshire Hathaway announced they would launch a new company to cut healthcare costs


Too many standalone ERs may have opened in Texas

But other states continue to build them


Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase partnering to lower employee healthcare costs

The partnership will target technology solutions to simplify the healthcare system


Nursing home fights to keep its license after heat-related hurricane deaths

Officials for the nursing home said facility staff did everything they could


Funding worries have CDC cutting back work in many foreign countries

A global initiative to prevent and respond to epidemics may be reduced


Hospital workers, janitors and fast food workers take over state offices in Detroit

Hospital workers are seen as key to the mobilization


CDC says flu nearing 2009 pandemic levels

The U.S. has experienced elevated flu levels for nine consecutive weeks, as of Jan. 20


Intermountain Healthcare's non-clinical employees will retain jobs with new company

2,300 of its non-clinical employees will be transitioned in April



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