Maintenance and Operations

Staying on top of the latest trends in the healthcare industry

A building’s performance infrastructure enables patients to heal and clinicians to provide compassionate care


Healthcare facility succession planning can prevent future pain

Hospitals across the country are facing longterm facility department staffing issues


Music's power to improve waiting room experience studied

Naval pilots concept uses music and nature to soothe


Hospitals address food insecurity

Food distribution are part the facilities' programming


Hospitals with the quietest patient rooms

Data tracks HCAHPS surveys from April 2015 through March 2016


Effective space programming can ease growing pains

New technologies and legislation mean that healthcare facilities often must change the way they deliver care


Rehab center adds mocked-up marketplace, carpentry shop

Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre adds amenities to help patients recover from traumatic injuries


Workplace investigations sensitive and important processes

HR professionals in the healthcare sector should have a solid plan in place when they begin an investigation


Amateur radio operators keep emergency communication going at Indiana hospitals

Though called amateur radio, professional first-responders are respectful of its role in their disaster-response plans


Three ways to keep facilities clean smelling to increase patient satisfaction

It’s more important than ever that healthcare facilities focus their efforts on odor control to help patients feel more comfortable while on the road to a speedy recovery


Energy resilience bank focusing on hospitals

Bank will help four New Jersey hospitals stay up and running during outages



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