Maintenance and Operations

Hospital ship off Puerto Rico sits mostly idle 2 weeks after its arrival

Only 33 of the 250 beds on the Comfort — 13 percent — are being used


Minn. hospital sued after stillborn baby discarded with dirty laundry

Regions Hospital in St. Paul had promised to cremate the remains


Some flexibility seen in Florida nursing home generator order

Agency posted a rule outlining steps that nursing homes that are facing circumstances beyond their control


Community hospitals swamped after wildfires shut down major hospitals

Some facilities are running out of supplies, such as linens


California firestorm strains healthcare system

One company installed air purifiers to try to help with the smoke at three of its dialysis clinics


Healthcare facilities must have business continuity plan

There are guidelines in place to help healthcare facilities ensure the viability of critical systems


Tips for pharmaceutical waste management

Healthcare facilities are faced with two key challenges related to pharmaceutical waste management


The contradiction of healthcare facility noise

The activities and systems that are necessary to deliver care and protect patients are the same that produce the noises that disturb patients and obstruct optimal outcomes


Senator calls for public disclosure of hospital safety inspections

Request sparked by an investigative report by the Wall Street Journal, that found The Joint Commission seldom revokes its seal of approval


Pre-plans should be considered in lowering facility, home and municipal insurance premiums

A pre-plan can be hosted by a facility or it can be a critical element of a municipal fire department’s tech toolkit


Making a healthcare facility disaster-ready

Many hospitals are still not fully prepared to deal with disaster


Blood soaks the hallways at Las Vegas hospital after attack

Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center resembled a war zone


Pittsburgh-area healthcare facilities say they could handle Vegas-level calamity

But hospital officials say they’ve never practiced for a tragedy of such magnitude


Sewage leaking from Winnipeg hospital

A drainage pipe has been discharging raw sewage into the soil since at least spring


W.V. VA sends help to Hurricane Irma recovery efforts

The Beckley VA Medical Center has deployed a five-member team to Alabama


Maintaining building barrier protections

Energy efficiency is often one of the easiest ways to improve a healthcare facility's bottom line


In better news, eclipse went off without a healthcare hitch

But hospitals still watching for foodborne or waterborne disease outbreaks


EHRs and paper: The headaches of document management

The infographic offers statistics including information on how much paper-dependent practices waste time


Houston VA hospital prepares for aftermath

Downtown healthcare facility remained open


Texas hospitals short of (usable) water

Beaumont's water pump broke, cutting off water supplies to the city


Houston hospitals may not be back to normal for a month

The SouthEast Texas Regional Advisory Council estimates that nearly two dozen hospitals have evacuated patients


Most Houston healthcare facilities withstand Harvey

Ben Taub Hospital's hospital-wide evacuation shrunk to only three vehicles


Faulty sink valve causes flood at Canadian healthcare facility

Leak happened in unit where patients recover from bone marrow procedures


Harvey could financially hurt struggling Houston hospitals

The storm has forced hospitals to cancel surgeries, evacuate patients and contend with food and supply shortages


Houston hospital abandons plans to evacuate patients

Ben Taub Hospital calls off attempts to evacuate patients after a series of delays


Tampa healthcare facility reviewing emergency plan in wake of Houston flooding

One of Tampa's biggest, busiest hospitals would probably be underwater


Harvey highlights need for emergency plans

Dozens of healthcare facilities in Texas have had to evacuate


Minimizing noise in the OR

Considering the physical environment and identifying ways to reduce distractions


Integrate DG software into ERP system for streamlined shipping compliance

All but the smallest shippers run their operations on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. But many have been slower to adopt DG software


Hole in roof ignored for years at Spokane VA hospital

Congresswoman requested VA investigate conditions based on veterans' complaints



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