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Course offered on planning for biosafety environments

March 31, 2017

UCL’s Biosafety Design Initiative (BSDI) is launching an innovative, multidisciplinary online course. ‘Planning for Biosafety Environments: Controlling Infectious Disease in Projects’ aims to revolutionize the design, construction, management and delivery of environments where infectious disease needs to be controlled.

Led by academics from the UCL Centre for Clinical Microbiology and the UCL Faculty of the Built Environment, it will feature lectures and discussion from industry leaders in healthcare, design, project management and research.

The course launches online on the 24 April 2017. You can register your interest now.

Professor Tim McHugh, Director, UCL Centre for Clinical Microbiology: “This course and the BSDI is necessary because design of healthcare environments, and other spaces where infectious diseases are in danger of being transmitted, has largely been ad hoc.

We need a more rational approach. We need to draw on the expertise of a diverse group of professionals in order to design spaces that are secure and that allow these activities to go ahead in a safe fashion.”

Designed for ambitious professionals working in the design, delivery, management or use of spaces where infectious disease is a factor, this course exploits the latest research and knowledge.

It’s a unique opportunity to bring together a diverse group of people from clinicians, nurses and facilities managers to scientists, architects and construction companies. Understand the different stakeholders’ needs and projects and facilities will run more smoothly and effectively.

  • The online course is comprises four modules that start April 24, with a module per month.

  • The course is taught through a blend of video lectures, reading and discussions lead by the course tutors.

  • There is an optional fifth module of face-to-face learning and consultation on current


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