LiquidCool Solutions CEO Herb Zien to Speak During Critical Facilities Summit

October 16, 2017

LiquidCool Solutions’ (LCS) CEO Herb Zien will speak at Critical Facilities Summit about how its immersion-cooled servers cut energy use at the DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Dedicated to optimizing data center and mission critical environments, Critical Facilities Summit will be held October 23-25, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN. Zien is scheduled to speak Tuesday, October 24 at 8:30 AM local time.

Zien’s presentation will address the energy efficiency needs of those designing, operating and staffing data centers, hospitals, universities, labs, pharmaceuticals, financials, telecoms and other mission critical facilities.

LCS’ immersion cooling technology has been tested at NREL since 2014. LCS installed a system of eight high-performance LCS immersion-cooled servers at NREL’s ESIF High-Performance Computing Center to measure the system’s energy efficiency as well as its ability recover waste heat from the servers for use in building heating systems. The LCS system achieved a cooling PUE of 1.01 while recovering more than 90% of the server heat energy for reuse at temperatures hot enough to heat a building. 

In addition to illustrating how LCS’ technology reduces the power needed for cooling data centers, Zien will also talk about how its server technology can slash the carbon footprint of a facility through the implementation of IT equipment that requires no water or air conditioning. This means the computing devises can be located anywhere including the factory floor or the mechanical room, and the devices make no noise.

Data centers are located at the intersection of power, fiber and cooling, and today’s predominant IT facility cooling design relies on air.  But air is an insulator and circulating conditioned air through servers and racks from holes in the floor ignores basic laws of physics. Air has low heat capacity and thermal mass.  Contact with air reduces the life of electronic equipment. Fans are needed to circulate air, and they are energy inefficient and prone to failure. Furthermore, fans generate a lot of heat that must be dissipated, adding to the cooling burden.  

“The absurdity of cooling data centers with air opened the door for disruptive technology,” said Herb Zien, CEO LiquidCool Solutions. “Starting with a clean sheet of paper, LCS took the time to understand the underlying challenges with current IT facility cooling technology and came up with an elegant solution -- a cleverly executed liquid cooling technology that reduces energy waste, water usage, carbon footprint and cost.”

Attendees interested in speaking with Herb Zien about LiquidCool Solutions’ technologies are welcome to grab his attention after his presentation or visit the LCS booth number 309 during the expo.



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