Study: Wipes more effective against C. difficile

August 29, 2017


Researchers from the Netherlands have found that wipes are more effective than sprays against C. difficile, according to an article on the MD Magazine website.

The study tested four sporicidal disinfectants such as wipes and sprays in order to examine their efficacy against spores of C. difficile PCR ribotypes. 

Of all the disinfection methods, the most effective was the hydrogen peroxide wipe, beating out the hydrogen peroxide spray. 

The researchers acknowledged that the argument could be made that sprays included the use of paper towels for wiping the tiles, but they cited another study which compared microfibers, cotton cloths, sponge cloths and paper towels for their decontamination abilities and did not find a significant difference, the article said.

Read the article.



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Topic Area: Infection Control

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