Construction and Design - May 2016

N.Y. children's hospital rethinks wayfinding with new facility

Golisano Children’s Hospital created a more cohesive wayfinding approach for its new facility, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Study focuses on design's impact on outpatient facility communication

Researchers offer strategies to encourage staff-patient interaction


Architect sees greater interest in wellness

Healthcare Design talks to Perkins+Will’s Sharon Woodworth in a Q&A on its website


Lebanon VA Center project creates a flexible therapy space

The Center for Veterans' Enterprises was created for residential rehab and outpatient veterans,


Program helps healthcare facilities to reduce energy usage

Commissioning building stock is becoming a means of identifying energy-efficiency opportunities


Q&A on healthcare design for wellness

Healthcare Design talks to Mortenson Construction's Larry Arndt in an article on its website


Architect talks about 'designing for wellness'

In an interview on the Healthcare Design website, Jocelyn Frederick, Tsoi/Kobus & Associates, calls designing for wellness a complex process of balancing the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the built environment


Caregivers develop careers in healthcare facility design

Nurses hired by designers to provide a clinical perspective on healthcare facility projects


Healthcare facility wellness resources

As part of its recent focus on healthcare facilities' contribution to wellness, Healthcare Design included some resources in an article on its website


Ninety percent of California’s acute care healthcare facilities are no longer at risk of collapse during an earthquake

Buildings at six rural critical access hospitals remain on the state’s list of structures most likely to collapse in an earthquake


Hospital staff climbing to wellness

Children’s Hospital Colorado South Campus includes a glass stair tower that offers the staff a space for both respite and exercise, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Minneapolis healthcare facility looks like an Apple store

University of Minnesota Health Clinics and Surgery Center was designed to be more of an experience than an ambulatory site


Invading pigeons don't stop Calif. hospital construction, but funding issues could

It took several weeks to get birds out of the ceiling work, and a hazmat team to clean out the debris


Muskegon hospital will use Lean design for $271 million medical center

The center will bring all of Mercy Health's inpatient services together at one location


Hotel concept designed to reduce the stress of hospital stays

Patient Hotel at Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet is a relaxing place to stay for those undergoing treatment


Designing to support healthy lifestyles

Health systems are beginning to focus more on becoming wellness destinations, according to an article on the Healthcare design website


Standby systems for hospital campuses

Hospitals and data centers have difficult requirements for electrical systems


Healthcare facilities need a building envelope and HVAC strategy for patients' well-being

Technology advancement has resulted in better treatment for patients and has also led to higher energy consumption and elevated costs


Effective rooftop management can benefit a healthcare facility

Effective management of the rooftop space of hospital and clinic buildings is frequently overlooked


Designing to fight Ebola

Team assessed critical supply needs, water and electricity issues, patient volumes and security concerns in healthcare facilities in West Africa, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website



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