Safety - October 2014

Fire-rated door frame Q&A

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about fire-rated door frames


Hospitals review infection control practices amid Ebola fears

Experts say renewed education and training efforts may lead to more hospitals revamping their protocols and being more prepared in the future


Ebola risk management tips for healthcare facilities

Internal risk management strategy should include the establishment of policies, training and demonstrable due diligence


N.Y. prison expands medical facility

$32 million expansion of the Mohawk Correctional Facility designed to be safer and more cost-effective


Download free whitepaper on hand hygiene

Paper on Infection Control Today website discusses the effects of hand hygiene on skin


Mandatory Ebola quarantine criticized

Doctors Without Borders, the New Jersey chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology disagree with the states' actions


Pittsburgh facility ups hand-hygiene compliance to nearly 100 percent

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian initiative includes education and accountability measures


NYC healthcare workers readying for Ebola

Workers urged to calm rampant public fears over Ebola


Hospital security departments bracing for Ebola impact

Hospitals are re-examining their plans to ensure they are prepared to meet the challenges


CDC issues stronger standards for Ebola healthcare workers

Updated protocols include personal protective equipment that covers the entire body and leaves no skin exposed


Ebola units have few rooms

Only four hospitals in the country have high-level containment units and each has the capacity to treat only a handful of Ebola patients at once


Ebola preparedness urged for clinics

Stand-alone clinics need to prepare themselves for patients with Ebola-like symptoms


Ebola raises concerns over infection controls

The track record of the nation's hospitals in controlling other infections suggests a lot of them aren't prepared


Iowa hospital works to decrease patient falls

Horn Memorial Hospital, Ida Grove, was one of three Iowa hospitals to be recognized by the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative for their success in significantly reducing their patient fall rate


Improving hand-washing compliance

Hospitals are adopting direct observation, education and creative signage initiatives to increase hand washing among staff


Appropriate technology key to hospital security

The goal should be balancing the need for a secure environment and allowing staff and visitors to move through a facility without too much hassle


Ebola a workplace issue for healthcare facilities

Hospitals focusing on training, communication to diminish risk and worry


Saskatoon hospitals warn of thefts

Hospitals advise greater precautions to deal with thefts from patients


What if a flu pandemic were to happen tomorrow?

As part of a pandemic plan, hospitals should work with a security provider to focus on crowd control and restricted access or 'lockdowns'


Hospital security a growing concern

Shootings, privacy breaches and theft are just some of the challenges that hospitals face daily


Health officials discussing designated Ebola hospitals

Bellevue Hospital Center has agreed to take confirmed cases of Ebola from the 11 hospitals within the New York City Health and Hospitals Corp.


CDC's how-to on treating Ebola safely

New York Times article includes instructions, charts and graphics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Nurses at Dallas hospital say there were no Ebola protocols

Union says guidelines were constantly changing on how to deal with the virus


Many nursing homes still lack sprinklers

A total of 385 facilities in 39 states fail to meet requirements set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


Hospitals can learn from Dallas' Ebola mistakes

U.S. hospitals are concerned that more Ebola patients will emerge, pushing them to buy more protective equipment, build new isolation rooms


Surgical fire prevention strategies

Between 550 and 650 surgical fires occur each year in the U.S.


New case raises questions about treating Ebola in all hospitals

CDC considering whether patients with the virus should be transferred to hospitals with special containment units


Firefighting in hospitals takes specialized training

One of the most complicated types of facilities that a firefighter will ever respond to is a healthcare center


Infection-control problems found in Connecticut hospital

Community Health Services cited for inadequate handling of patients who arrive with a cough, fever or rash; unsanitary conditions and poor sterilization procedures


Ensuring health facility firewall integrity

Constant construction, renovation and maintenance projects in hospitals can lead to compromises in firewall barriers


Connecticut hospitals gear up for Ebola

Hospitals in the region say they have quarantine rooms at the ready


A day at a Liberian Ebola clinic

An article in The New York Times examines a single day at the newly opened Ebola treatment center run by the International Medical Corps.


Stabbed surgeon calls for safety boost in Australian hospitals

Secure entrances for hospital staff, restricted access to wards and regular security patrols of public areas urged for facilities


California hospital gets seismic safety reprieve

New law allows Sutter Memorial Hospital to operate until Sept. 1, 2015 without meeting state earthquake safety rules


U.S. has the healthcare system to stop Ebola

America has the facilities and equipment, public sanitation and communications infrastructure to contain outbreak


Hand hygiene improves with monitoring

Study says healthcare workers' hand-hygiene compliance is better when other workers are present


Feds may be lowering safety standards for Ebola waste

The Healthcare Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (HCEP) says the government will be lowering standards for disposing of Ebola waste in Dallas


Calif. guv OKs one hospital workplace safety bill, vetoes another

Gov. Jerry Brown signed bill which imposes new requirements on hospitals for workplace violence plans and reporting


Hospital security can help contain Ebola virus

Policies and personnel can play a role in preventing the spread of Ebola


Indiana health network forms its own police force

Parkview Health in Fort Wayne is first network in the state to have it's own force


Dealing with infectious disease

Issues hospitals should consider before handling an Ebola patient


Temporary staffing in healthcare security

Careful planning can help ensure that regardless of the situation, it's (safe and secure) business as usual for your hospital


UK hospital chlorine contamination sparks police investigation

Two patient deaths are linked to contaminated water with chlorine levels 16 times higher than accepted as safe


Study says shark-skin-inspired surface helps control MRSA

Coating surfaces with microscopic bumps could limit the transmission of bacterial infections



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