Infection Control - July 2016

Focusing on interiors and exteriors in healthcare environments

Designers talk about the mutually supportive role interior and exterior spaces play


Minimizing traffic during surgery lowers infection rate

New study finds a connection between surgical site infections and how often the OR door is opened during a procedure


Strategies to increase hand-hygiene compliance

A recent study found compliance rate higher with monitoring by infection prevention nurses


CDC investigates Zika case not transmitted by mosquito, sexual contact

A family member of the first Zika-related death in the U.S. has contracted the virus


A healthcare facilities manager's role in infection control

There are key areas that should be monitored


Cleaning healthcare facilities' 'grey zone' cuts infection risk

'Grey zones' are areas commonly glossed over in the cleaning process


Strengthening an infection control protocol

Many factors are involved in effectively combating hospital-acquired infections


Electronic hand-hygiene monitoring reduces MRSA HAIs by 42 percent

Health system studied saved $434,000 by avoiding additional care costs


C-Difficile dog sniffs out infection

Vancouver Coastal Health introduces a furry new aid in the battle against C-Difficile


Is duodenoscope cross-contamination an outpatient facility risk?

Standard brushes used in scope reprocessing can't completely clean the crevices in scopes' elevator mechanisms


FDA seeks data on hand sanitizer

Data is intended to help the agency ensure that regular use of these products does not present safety and efficacy concerns


Elizabethkingia update: Original infection source remains unknown

Mystery surrounding the nature of the infection and the outbreak persist


Study urges hospitals to step up cellphone cleaning

Study shows mobile devices used by hospital workers harbor viral RNA


Second untreatable superbug infection found in US

Patient in New York infected with a strain of E. coli highly resistant to last-resort antibiotic treatments


Johns Hopkins students improve Ebola protection suit

Mechanical engineering students develop prototypes for more comfortable hood and face mask and battery-powered system that lowers humidity


Cincinnati hospital accused of skirting safety procedures

Former nurse at University of Cincinnati Medical Center has sued the hospital


Experts say real data needed to affect hand-hygiene compliance

Technological solution urged for accuracy


Do antibacterial building materials pose a health risk?

Scientists say more microbes are healthier than fewer microbes in a space



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