Maintenance and Operations - September 2016

Corporate America offers lessons in staff satisfaction

There’s much that healthcare can learn from companies like Google, Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, and Abercrombie & Fitch about staff satisfaction, according to an article on Healthcare Design


DOE surveys nurses on patient lighting

The goals were to determine what’s needed in an ideal patient room lighting system and to identify opportunities for increasing energy efficiency


Flagship NHS hospital called filthy and unsafe

Nurse says there are too few staff to keep it clean


Eliminating odor in healthcare facilities

An effective way to neutralize odors is to use an odor eliminator


Minnesota Public Radio, Mayo Clinic offer classical relaxation to patients

Research indicates that music can aid healing in many ways, such as improving pain control


University of Iowa Children's Hospital plans move-in drills

A logistical session and two dry runs are planned before real move


Connecticut hospitals working to reduce night noise

Clattering carts, overly bright lights and frequent disruptions discouraged at night


Researchers exploring alarm fatigue

University of California San Francisco team is working to help combat alarm fatigue among clinicians


Healthcare facility leaders are aiming for noise-free hospitals

Noise pollution in hospitals can threaten patient safety


Extending life of healthcare facility linens

Linen care can sometimes take a back seat to saving a dollar in the short term


Design strategies can quiet healthcare environments

Research has found that noise in healthcare settings can prevent patients from sleeping and increase their stress and blood pressure, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Do more healthcare-laundry regulation programs cause confusion?

There are different programs available, along with federal and regional requirements


Holding textile laundering to a higher standard

HLAC president answers questions on improving safety



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