Infection Control - February 2018

Copper-coated uniforms could curb infection transmission

Healthcare professionals could soon be wearing uniforms brushed with these tiny copper nanoparticles


Maine healthcare facilities bracing for worsening of flu season

Swamped emergency rooms in Portland sending patients elsewhere


Infection problems could cost Michigan healthcare facility its Medicare patients

An investigation found the hospital is not compliant with infection control standards


Legionnaires' found at Illinois mental health facility

A patient at the Chester Mental Health Center in Chester has been diagnosed


Study suggests hand-washing helps decrease nursing home deaths

Researchers recommend using hospital hand-hygiene protocols


Washington hospital screening visitors at front door for flu-like symptoms

Visitors get color-coded tags upon entering facility


Disinfecting robot can help fight HAIs

Studies demonstrate benefits and explore strategies for use


Reducing cross-contamination risk in healthcare facilities

Environmental cleaning specialists offer tips to help control infections


Woman claims OK hospital bathroom was infested with bugs

Hospital staff cleaned the shower with bleach after being alerted to the bugs


Bed bug histamines persistent in infested areas

New research suggests bed bugs are a medically important threat


W.Va. healthcare facility postpones surgeries due to sterilization issues

Cabell Huntington Hospital found residue on equipment and surgical trays


Deadly ‘superbug’ fungus may be spreading

Number of U.S. patients infected with Candida auris has climbed to 200


Managing healthcare facilities' airborne pathogens

The air is the source of more than one-third of nosocomial infections


Seamless flooring for low-dust environments

Airborne particles are home to an incredibly diverse population of dust-residing microbes, including not only bacteria and viruses, but also fungi, algae and protozoa


Are biofilms from hospital shower pipes harmful?

Some new bacteria with characteristics of species known to be harmful were seen


Improvements for Missouri veterans homes urged

Report says facilities should encourage staff to report problems


Hospital plumbing a playground for superbugs

Drains can be loaded with dangerous bacteria


Best conditions for Legionella bacteria growth

Warm tap water with dissolved organic matter supports the growth of biofilms


Norovirus outbreak among security staff suspected at Olympic Games

The South Korean military has been deployed to cover


Hospital toilet flushing can spread pathogens

Study shows particle concentrations before and after the flush were significantly different


Hospitals enforce stricter visitation rules during bad flu season

Flu activity in the U.S. has increased for 10 weeks in a row


S. Korea prepping for potential disease outbreaks at Olympics

Study shows particle concentrations before and after the flush were significantly different


Hospitalizations for flu nearing 10-year high

The overall hospitalization rate was 51.4 per 100,000 population for the week ending Jan. 27


Florida nurse's flu rant goes viral

Nurse: 'There is a cesspool of funky flu at the E.R. right now'


Colorado hospital suspends surgeries due to sterilization problems

Process at Aspen Valley Hospital compromised


Healthcare facilities taking extra precautions this flu season

Clinics staff members are cleaning bathrooms with microbacterial disinfectant after each patient


Flu season also taking financial toll on hospitals

Hospital costs are expected to spike because of lower reimbursement rates


Restroom design working to keep healthcare facilities healthy

Restrooms in healthcare environments are the perfect storm for the spread of infectious disease



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