Infection Control - November 2019

Close to 1,200 patients at risk at Indiana hospital due to sterilization lapses

One of the hospital's surgical instrument sterilization technicians failed to complete a necessary step


Washington hospital cancels procedures after surgical tray issues

Flecks of plastic were found on some surgical trays


Flushing rim sinks provide hygienic disposal of clinical waste

Sinks help maintain clean conditions for clinics and healthcare settings


Legionnaires’ disease found at Ohio nursing home

Lake County General Health District confirms disease at Mentor facility


10 Seattle hospital ORs closed through January after mold outbreak

The hospital is installing in-room HEPA filtration


CDC puts Candida auris and Carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter in urgent category

C. difficile, carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriacese and drug-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae are also considered 'urgent'


Hospitals don't have to report waterborne infections

Tennessee and Oregon are the only states that require hospitals to report waterborne NTM infections


Seattle Children’s hospital faces lawsuit over mold issues

Lawsuit claims that the teen contracted meningitis in March 2018 from the Aspergillus mold


CDC: Candida auris cases at 836

New York has the most cases with 388


CDC says HAIs are decreasing

Clostridium difficile infections were down by 12 precent, between 2017 and 2018


New York identifies healthcare facilities with Candida auris

New York is the first state to release the names


Water-borne infection hitting patients across the country

More than 150 hospitals across the country reporting infected patients


2018 saw record number of Legionellosis cases reported

Rising temperatures, longer summers and the increased popularity of environmentally-friendly buildings may be contributing to the rise in cases


Seattle Children's Hospital closes operating rooms due to fungus again

The latest discovery of Aspergillus has closed 11 operating rooms after the mold was detected in three ORs and two procedural areas


Study: Copper hospital beds can kill bacteria

Copper beds in the ICU harbored an average of 95 percent fewer bacteria than conventional hospital beds


Legionella found in Va. VA healthcare facility

McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center found bacteria in cooling system


Disinfectants struggling to kill C. diff bacteria

Clostridioides difficile is challenging hospital-grade disinfectants


Hospital links babies' deaths to bacteria in equipment

Geisinger says equipment was used in measuring donor breast milk


Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Sterile processing room

Brad Keyes discusses regulations for sterile processing room


Drug-resistant bacteria 'growing problem' in Western Washington healthcare facilities

Four cases of a specific type of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii were recently found at a nursing rehabilitation facility


Where patients recover may affect whether they return to the hospital because of infections

Patients returning home from the hospital were 38 percent more likely to return to the hospital with a linked infection


CDC reports decrease in HAIs

Compared to 2015, all states but one performed better on at least two infection types


Research finds epidemic and pandemic preparedness lacking

Study suggests national governments should commit to take action to address health security risks


Study: Too many seniors are back in hospital for infections treated during initial stay

The most common type of pre-existing infection in the patients was C. difficile


Sensors help healthcare facilities keep track of hand hygiene

The system compiles data on whether an employee cleans their hands within 60 seconds of entering a room


Study: Contact precautions in VA facilities don't curb MRSA

New study evaluated admissions from 74 longterm-care facilities


Cleaning plant shutdown could lead to surgical tool shortage

Several sterilization facilities that use ethylene oxide were shut down.


CDC: Flu activity low, but growing

Louisiana and Puerto Rico experienced high flu-like illness activity for the week ending Oct. 19



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