Infection Control - July 2019

Candida auris may have been spurred by global warming

The fungus sprung up simultaneously on three continents


Door selection can impact infection control

Touchless doors can help stop the spread of germs and bacteria


Report finds VA concealed Legionella at facility

Inspectors also found the facility’s staff routinely failed to conduct routine cleaning


Second Va. senior facility reports respiratory illness outbreak

The county health department says there doesn’t appear to be a link between the outbreaks


WHO declares Ebola a global emergency

The declaration is meant to encourage international aid


Ebola case confirmed in Congo city on Rwanda border

Case could signal a major escalation for the outbreak


Dangerous bacteria can survive disinfectant

Study suggests that UV light is an option for disinfecting, but it can be challenging to make sure all surfaces are fully exposed to the light


Irish hospitals struggling with infection control

Problems include a lack of isolation facilities, high occupancy rates and aging hospitals


Respiratory outbreak investigated at Va. senior facility

54 residents fall ill at Springfield facility


Some hospital cleaning methods can't kill C. diff

Spores grow on gowns, other surfaces


CDC seeks to update guidelines for infection control in occupational health

The CDC is updating two sections addressing protocol for infrastructure and routine practices


Bacteria associated with HAIs found in raw meat

These bacteria have become a major threat in hospitals


Funding to stop Candida auris lacking

A high proportion of people who have been diagnosed with C. auris have died


Seattle Children's is facing violations after mold investigation

Cited deficiencies include the failure to properly maintain air filtering systems that fed to operating rooms


Environmental monitoring can reduce healthcare-associated infections

Patients in healthcare facilities are often particularly vulnerable to infections due to weakened immune systems and the presence of invasive medical devices such as needles and catheters


Mich. nursing facilities seeing more VRE, less MRSA

Since 2003, rates of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus almost tripled


Seattle Children's hospital reopened 14 operating rooms closed after mold found

1 killed, 5 infected by mold at the hospital in last two years


Candida auris is a growing problem

It may remain even after surfaces are disinfected


Hospitals in Vermont and New Hampshire struggle for clean linens after plant closing

Some hospitals are now getting linens from as far away as New York and Canada


UPMC Children's MRSA cases mostly in the NICU

The hospital tested all NICU patients, and six tested positive


Seattle Children’s closes all main operating rooms because of mold

Aspergillus mold was found in several operating and equipment storage rooms


Norovirus may be transmitted through the air

Outbreaks of norovirus are especially difficult to control in hospital settings


UV light fights germs on mobile devices

Ultraviolet rays kill nearly 100% of bacteria found on mobile devices in healthcare settings


Illinois investigating 4 cases of Legionnaires’ at Christ Medical Center

Legionnaires’ found in three patients and a staff member at healthcare facility in Oak Lawn


Study finds C. Auris spreads through skin shedding

The findings highlight need for hygiene and disinfection


12 die from rare bacterial infection in Essex

The outbreak of invasive Group A streptococcus has been linked to care for chronic wounds


Ebola transmission model predicted recent Uganda cases

The researchers say the model should be used as a risk assessment tool to prepare and distribute resources


Verbal hand-hygiene reminders In hospitals may curb infections

Voice-based electronic monitoring systems showed a 61.4 percent decrease in HAIs


Dry hydrogen peroxide: A novel delivery of an effective microbial reduction agent for environmental cleaning

Dry hydrogen peroxide, a non-aqueous gas, has been used for environmental disinfection in fields such as agriculture, biodefense/government, and sports


Growing threat from HAIs drive cleaning demand

Candida auris has put the spotlight back on daily cleaning



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