Information Technology - August 2019

‘Smart hospitals’ are on the horizon

These buildings perform functions like a medical practitioner


Case study: The prescription for EMI New York City

The operating room of a major hospital in New York City is free from the effects of EMI


Mission: Revamp Healthcare 2019 — Top policies this year to reimagine healthcare

One of the greatest challenges in healthcare is keeping up with the changing landscape


Big data start-ups set to change healthcare

Healthcare is a sector which relies heavily on data and relay of information, so naturally there are lots of companies springing up


Boston Children’s Hospital using Alexa to help parents and caregivers

Amazon asked healthcare facilities to test Alexa’s new HIPAA-compliant technology


Identifying and addressing DAS requirements in today’s hospital

DAS allows all users of the building, whether it be communicating infrastructure or a personal or business phone, to connect to their carrier of choice at full signal strength


Telehealth market expected to see a 23.4 percent compound annual growth rate

Growth is driven by increasing health awareness and adoption of online health consultation


Load testing of electronic health records - what to look for

Load testing is an essential component in performance testing, and doing so in a production-like environment brings its benefits.


UPS to use drones for hospital deliveries

Hospitals will pay it for this service, which it expects will be much faster and eventually cheaper than current couriers



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