Infection Control - August 2019

Water coolers banned from Scotland's hospitals due to infection risk

Action has been taken because of the potential for bacteria to grow in the nozzle and the water bottle if not routinely used


Healthcare workers don't like hand-hygiene monitoring, but it works

Survey responses revealed negative attitudes about the system


Immediate feedback helps with electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems

Systems with immediate feedback perform slightly better.


Patient sues Illinois hospital after contracting Legionnaires’

The suit alleges the hospital didn’t take proper precautions following a previous outbreak


The maintenance staff has a role in infection prevention

Facility professionals are constantly moving throughout the facility and may be able to spot potential problems


Candida auris now one of the world's most feared hospital microbes

New research suggests higher temperatures may have led to an increase in infections


C. difficile strain evolving to live in hospital rooms

A subset of Clostridium difficile bacteria is on the verge of becoming a new species


C. diff. is evolving to spread in hospitals

Superbug feeds on the sugar-rich Western diet


Ebola spreads to third Congo province

South Kivu is located over 430 miles south of where the outbreak first began


2019 Environmental Services Departments of the Year named

The award recognizes best practices in cleaning and caring for the healthcare environment


Two cancer patients catch rare bugs linked to hospital water supply

Glasgow Queen Elizabeth University Hospital has sealed off part of the facility


Hospital cleaning bundle efficient and cost-effective

Method also reduces vancomycin-resistant enterococci infections by 37 percent


Resources can help reduce Legionella risk

Resources distributed by ASHRAE include Standard 188, which provides a comprehensive approach to help prevent the growth and spread of Legionella within building water systems


Glasgow hospital spends more than $500,000 to kill pests after pigeon droppings crisis

Anti-bird spikes and netting have been installed and chemicals were used to kill mold and fungus


Study: Cigarette smoke boosts MRSA drug-resistance

Smoke also may make MRSA more invasive and persistent


Candida Auris called 'new bug using old tricks'

C. auris acts more like a multidrug-resistant, healthcare-associated bacteria than like a typical yeast


N.J. called hot spot for Candida auris

The CDC says most cases of Candida auris in the United States are in New York City, Chicago and New Jersey


Hospital mobilizes to fight deadly Candida auris

Widespread overuse of antibiotics and antifungals has bred superbug species


Death from infection linked to pigeon feces at Glasgow hospital could lead to criminal proceedings

A boy was battling cancer at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow in December 2018 when he contracted Cryptococcus and died


Load testing of electronic health records - what to look for

Load testing is an essential component in performance testing, and doing so in a production-like environment brings its benefits.


Two cases of Legionnaires’ confirmed at Connecticut nursing facility

Apple Rehab is working to find the source of the bacteria and have taken precautions, including chlorine treatments for the water system.


Roof rat concerns force closure of Washington hospital's kitchen, cafeteria

Patients’ food was being prepared and brought in from another hospital


Specifying sinks for sterile compounding (HD) environments doesn’t have to be a hazardous decision

Hospitals will pay it for this service, which it expects will be much faster and eventually cheaper than current couriers


Be measles ready: Tips on how to be prepared for the next outbreak

There are a number of factors that make measles a particularly difficult virus to protect patients, staff and visitors from contracting


Candida auris is raising questions about its origin

The fungus doesn’t behave like a fungus


Hospital-acquired C. diff comes with a financial price tag

The average healthcare cost for patients with the C. diff infection was $43,718


Study focuses on where disease-causing pathogens might be hiding in a longterm care facility

Researchers examined the possibility that electric hand dryers installed in public restrooms could spread disease


Two cases of Legionnaires’ reported at Illinois hospital

It was unknown if the infected patients were exposed at the hospital


Safeguarding healthcare facilities from legionella

Having control measures and procedures in place is the first step in mitigating Legionella risk


158 employees at Seattle hospital potentially exposed to dangerous bacteria

The exposure occurred in an operating room and a laboratory in late June


Superbugs can remain on surgical gowns after disinfection

Researchers tested single-use polypropylene surgical gowns infected with three strains of C. diff



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