Immediate feedback helps with electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems

August 29, 2019

Interest in monitoring hand hygiene compliance using automated technology has increased, but not all electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems are created equal, according to an article on the Healio website. Systems with immediate feedback perform slightly better.

Researchers conducted 90-day trials in four hospital units to compare two unnamed electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems (EHHMS) — identified as type A and type B. A hand hygiene observer team performed matched observations.

Both systems were completely automated and required prescribers to wear badges with embedded sensors. Hand-hygiene events were captured by corresponding sensors on all soap- and alcohol-based product dispensers, as well as in patient zones.

Units using type A (system provided no immediate feedback) had a compliance rate of 90 percent compared with 91 percent for the type B units (reminded providers to perform hand hygiene by beeping and displaying colored lights). 

Read the article.

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Topic Area: Infection Control

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