Security - March 2020

Biometrics, smartphones poised to replace key cards

Key cards can be expensive and technologically obsolete


Protecting healthcare workers with location technology

Badges can be a life-saving tool for employees under duress


Healthcare security: Why developing a drone use policy is essential

A policy governing who can use, who can approve, when and where they can be used should be developed


Best practices to keep networks secure

Securing healthcare facilities against cyberattacks has become increasingly complicated


The future of violence response and emergency preparedness in healthcare

Several healthcare organizations have published information to assist security directors


Balancing security and comfort

Healthcare facilities must ensure safety while maintaining a focus on healing


Inspection, testing and maintenance of door hardware key to security plan

By paying closer attention to the maintenance and performance of doors, hinges, closers, and fire-exit hardware, managers can help improve the safety and security of their facilities


La. woman’s hospital increasing security due to increased violence

The hospital also conducting employee training and implementing a lockdown system for patient care areas


Calif. children’s hospital increases security after shooting threat

A staffer’s allegedly threatened to carry out a shooting rampage


Shooting victim found with gun in Minneapolis hospital

Nurse says there's nothing to stop guns from getting in


Survey suggests security cameras do make campuses safer

The majority of hospital, K-12 and higher ed campuses have security cameras


Malware disables Boston Children’s Hospital facilities systems

The main hospital system was not impacted


Workplace violence training program focuses on healthcare settings

Program focuses on de-escalation and addressing four stages of crises



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