Maintenance and Operations - April 2020

Healthcare facilities learning agility during Covid crisis

Adjustments and innovation is helping almost every state is avoiding ICU bed shortages


Plumbing upgrades focus on health and hygiene

Water conservation, less maintenance and improved hygiene are all popular targets of system improvements


Keeping your ice machine clean and safe

Ice machines provide a damp and dark environment which is ideal for mold to grow


Planning plumbing systems in healthcare facilities

With planning, managers can ensures the success of maintenance and upgrades of plumbing systems


Managing COVID-19 medical waste

The CDC has recommended that control of COVID-19 waste be handled through routine procedures


‘Healthcare facilities’ in N.J. to submit daily reports on capacity, supplies

Reports could include on bed capacity and availability of supplies, including personal protective equipment, ventilators


Maintenance insights to keep plumbing systems flowing

New-generation drain cleaning products offer efficiency and safety


Upgrading plumbing systems can improve efficiency

Effectively diagnosing plumbing problems and performing successful upgrades can help minimize utility costs



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