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Plumbing upgrades focus on health and hygiene

February 14, 2020

Plumbing system upgrades that seek to improve restroom hygiene require managers to first matching any particular facility’s restroom hygiene challenges with the appropriate products. They can do this by answering some critical questions, according to an article from Facility Maintenance Decisions on the FacilitiesNet website.

• What types of bacteria are present?

• At which locations are the germs concentrated? Floors? Fixtures? Dispensers? Counters? Partitions?

• How does bacteria coverage change after cleaning?

• How effective are housekeeping methods?

• Which methods work best?

• What changes in cleaning products and methods are needed?

• What improvements in supervisor and housekeeper training are needed?

Managers who want to use disinfectants to meet hygiene challenges need to know the germs that are present and their locations. These products also require that housekeepers carefully read each product’s label and discuss it with the supplier, if necessary, to ensure the product can deliver the desired protection from the specific hygiene threats.

Bringing in an outside testing laboratory or using in-house instruments can help managers uncover hygiene threats. Managers can use the test results to discover hygiene challenges and, after treatment, to see if the products and methods used were effective.

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Focus: Plumbing

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