Infection Control - May 2020

Creating an N95 mask disinfection facility for less Than $15,000

Health system is offering a free instruction manual


Houston hospital installs touchless temperature cameras

The cameras can scan whoever crosses their path, alerting users instantly if an elevated temperature is present


A million N95 masks is not what it used to be

In normal, pre-Covid-19 times, that would be a large supply. Now, not so much.


Aspergillus mold discovered again at Seattle Children’s hospital

The hospital has had mold issues for nearly 20 years and has been linked to seven deaths


Mattresses choices can help with COVID-19 infection control

Many healthcare facilities use porous mattresses that may allow the virus to enter the medium and contaminate them


Cleaning for healthy workplaces during pandemic

Focus on cleaning and disinfecting common areas where staff and others providing services might come into contact with ill persons


Equipment and environment need infection control attention

Coronavirus can remain on surfaces long after a patient infects a certain area or item


Lessons From South Korea on the role of infection control in flattening the curve

South Korea has incorporated hospital infection control as a core component of its national COVID-19 containment strategy


The CDC releases official reopening guidelines

Document came about two weeks after the White House reportedly tabled the guidelines


N.C.’s pandemic medical shelter to go dormant but won’t be dismantled

The shelter can be made ready to take patients within four or five days


Infection prevention and control in the hospitals of Wuhan

Shelter hospitals have higher risks of nosocomial infection than general hospitals


Hospitals use online matchmakers to exchange supplies

Online platforms have emerged to match hospitals that need masks, gowns and ventilators with those that have extras


Hospital procedural change blamed for 6 nurses testing positive

Syracuse hospital told nurses it was no longer necessary to wear N95 masks and that surgical masks are enough


Areas outside nursing home resident rooms key to infection control

Residents have frequent contact with staff and the environment outside of their rooms


Documenting pandemic poses safety challenge

Photographer is documenting the coronavirus pandemic through the eyes of patients and staff


20 years of closing hospitals in N.Y. hampers capacity during pandemic

State and healthcare leaders eliminated 20,000 hospital beds over the past two decades


Florida strengthens COVID-19 testing in longterm care facilities

The orders require nursing homes and assisted-living facilities to allow the Florida Department of Health into their buildings for infection control and conducting COVID-19 testing


Wisconsin nursing home took aggressive steps to halt coronavirus

Autumn Oaks Assisted Living in Slinger once faced four active cases of coronavirus


Impact of superbugs on infection control strategies

Currently, superbugs cause twice as many deaths in the U.S. as they did six years ago


Experts suggest public restrooms and offices should be re-engineered to control infections

Hand washing can be useless if people have to touch unclean surfaces


CMS draft guidelines for reopening nursing homes

Some industry officials and infection-control experts are worried that moving too fast could increase the risks


Hospitals struggle to restart elective care after shutdowns

Reopening will be difficult with the threat of more infection


Pa. had plan to protect nursing home during pandemic that was never fully implemented

A more limited effort wasn’t activated until mid-April, long after major outbreaks had already taken hold


Nursing homes, veterans’ homes are Covid-19 hotspots

Long-term care facilities are the overlooked epicenters of the pandemic.


Legionnaires' plan: Prevent, detect, treat

Legionnaires’ disease remains a top priority in effective plumbing and restroom maintenance


Long-term care facilities opening dedicated COVID-19 units

The COVID-only wings will be cordoned off from the rest of the facilities and have their own entrances and dedicated staff


Pa. health official says state won’t supply protective equipment to hospitals that resume elective surgeries

The priority has shifted to nursing homes, where most of the state’s COVID-19 deaths have occurred


Feds consider relaxing infection control in U.S. nursing homes

The longterm care industry's residents and workers are currently overwhelmed by the coronavirus


Many hospitals now sanitize and reuse masks

One agency of the federal government is allowing for 20 cycles of cleaning for a single mask. Another suggests three.


National Guard disinfects George hospitals

30 National Guardsmen recently sanitize the Phoebe Putney Hospital cancer center


Study: Hand-washing better at killing flu than sanitizer

Hand-washing is better even without soap


COVID-19 – Creating a rare convergence of market need and technology

A new technology can now be incorporated in a traditional LED panel fixture using nanometer materials for antiseptic and anti-virus air-cleaning


Antibiotic resistant co-infections: A silent killer in COVID-19 patients

Hospitals are trying to keep pace with COVID-19 and the resulting drug-resistant secondary bacterial infections


Study finds healthcare construction training is lacking

Only 52 percent of those surveyed said that owners of healthcare projects always or often required construction teams to receive training


Advanced medical tents replace triage tents at Md. hospitals

The medical tents can be connected to the hospital’s electric power but also include a generator


New decontamination center in Los Angeles allows N95 masks to be reused 20 times

The cleaning chamber began operating in early May


Infection control efforts start with EMS personnel

A study found that EMS practiced hand hygiene before patient contact in just 7 percent of assessments


Can rice cookers decontaminate face masks?

Investigators found that the appliance can decontaminate cloth masks


N.Y.C. hospitals overflowing with bodies

FEMA is sending 85 refrigerated trucks


Infection control measures failing in Colorado elder homes

Banning visitors, new rules for infection control and increased testing haven’t stopped spread of COVID-19


Coronavirus’s impact on healthcare IT: Part Two: Supporting real-time needs of hospitals in crisis

Network segmentation, or social distancing for your medical devices


Ultrasonics can power infection control in nonwovens

Nonwoven fabrics are key in the battle to prevent the spread of infection


Chicago-area hospitals using tracking technology to monitor hand hygiene

Healthcare providers only wash or sanitize their hands about half as much as they should


Sink design can affect infection control efforts

Relatively shallow bowls and aerators can spread microbes


Hawaii using fogging equipment to disinfect equipment for healthcare facilities

Fog can reach hard-to-reach areas that are not practical to reach with a wiper



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