Infection Control - August 2020

India Deploys Portable, Foldable Covid Hospital

Facility can be set up in a few hours by fewer than five people


Mobile COVID Clinical Trial Travels To Nursing Homes

An experimental drug to halt sudden outbreaks is being tested


Many Doctors Say Pandemic Won't Be Contained Until June

Eighty-six percent of physicians said COVID-19 won't be under control until at least January 2021


Report: Nursing Homes Facing Severe Staffing And Protective Equipment Shortages

Report includes results from a new national database containing 98 percent of U.S. nursing homes


Legionella May Be COVID-19 Reopening Risk

Stagnant water can be a breeding ground for waterborne pathogens, like legionella. Here's how to reduce the risk


Study: Children With Covid May Be More Contagious Than Adults

Infected children had significantly higher levels of virus in their airways


CMS to Resume Routine Nursing Home Inspections

Onsite revisit surveys, non-immediate jeopardy complaint surveys and annual recertification surveys will resume


Connecticut Report Says Nursing Home Staff Should Not Work In Multiple Facilities

The report also said that facilities assign staff to the same units and schedule longer shifts to cut down on departures and arrivals


What to Know about Germicidal Lighting And Coronavirus

Fighting pathogens with lighting is not new, but can be tricky


N.C. Hospital Launches Drone Delivery Service

The drones transport medicines and personal protective equipment


Strike Teams Deployed To Combat Covid-19 in Nursing Homes

States are sending teams to help with outbreaks


N.J. Hospitals Install Temperature Screening System for COVID-19

Alerts from thermal imaging cameras can be sent instantly to medical staff or security personnel


COVID Patient Cohorting Can Come With Challenges

There are a number of considerations when planning patient-care arrangements during a pandemic


N.Y. Hospital Sets Up Outdoor Visits For Elderly Patients

Rome Memorial Hospital helping its residents reconnect


Flu Season With COVID Uncharted Territory For Healthcare Facilities

Things could be complicated because there’s going to be no way to distinguish between the two — without better testing capabilities


Texas COVID Recovery Centers Ready For Patients

State’s largest recovery centers located at Casa de Amistad and the McAllen Convention Center


VA To Welcome Volunteers Back to Healthcare Facilities

Some volunteer roles will be new, modified, virtual or remain paused


Monitoring Feedback Recommended For Hand-Hygiene Programs

Monitoring hand-hygiene performance and providing personnel with feedback is key


Report Links Spike In New Nursing Home COVID Cases To Community Spread

The report shows these cases increased in July after having dropped in June


Best Practices for Healthcare Data Collection During COVID-19 and Beyond

Every COVID-19 case offers an opportunity to learn


Study: Cleaning COVID Hospital Rooms Requires Contact Precautions

Education about infection prevention and maintaining adequate supplies of personal protective equipment was emphasized


Proper Handling and Laundering of Bed Linen Can Help Curb Infection

Fabrics are sometimes overlooked as a potential source of healthcare-acquired infection


Study: Healthcare Workers Of Color Nearly Twice As Likely To Get COVID

They were also more likely to care for COVID-19 patients and report having PPE issues


Keeping Facility Ice Machines Clean and Safe

Ice machines can become contaminated with bacterial and viruses. These pathogens are often introduced by a person using the ice machine – not the machine itself.


Hospitals Tracking COVID-19 With Sensors On Employee Badges

If a patient or staffer is diagnosed with the virus, the sensor system can pull up a map that shows who might have been in close proximity


National Guard Helping Ease Long-Term Care Facilities’ Staffing Issues

National Guard members are also help run COVID-19 testing sites


Preparing Healthcare Facilities for the Next Crisis

Facilities must ensure the health of patients outside of COVID, and be more prepared for the next emergency


Consider Coronavirus, Hygiene Issues WIth Restrooms Upgrades

Upgrades should adapting to the pandemic, while improving productivity of custodial staff and reducing costs


California Hospitals Expect To Face PPE Shortage For Next 2 Years

Hospitals across the state describe growing PPE shortages


Longterm Impact From COVID-19 Expected For Senior Facilities

Facility design will need to enable residents to be smarter about living together


Orlando Hospitals Remind Public That Medical Facilities Are Not Hurricane Shelters

Facilities stress the point this year because of social distancing needs


Study Said Healthcare Workers Wearing PPE Still Have Three Times The COVID-19 Risk

Minority workers have an even greater risk, the study said. Minority care providers were five times more likely to contract Covid-19 than white colleagues.


Hospitals Prepare For Hurricane Season During Pandemic

COVID-19 has many hospitals planning to shelter in place


Georgia Reopens Temporary Hospital in Atlanta To Deal With Covid Surge

The Georgia World Congress Center facility has a 120-bed capacity


Use Of Domestic Medical Suppliers More Expensive

Johns Hopkins VP says 40-cent surgical gowns now cost $9


Pennsylvania Nursing Homes' Second COVID-19 Wave Linked To Mistakes

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expects a second wave to start in the fall, during the traditional flu season, but the increase seen in Pennsylvania has begin early


Healthcare FMs Challenged with Unified Response for Facilities Nationwide

Varied responses offer an opportunity to learn and share best practices across geographies that much more quickly


FEMA Sends Gowns Without Arm Holes And Strapless Masks To Care Homes

$134 million shipment to frontline workers included ‘glorified garbage bag gowns’


California Hospital Weathering Supply Chain Challenges

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital’s parent company acquired stake in PPE manufacturer


South Carolina Hospital Installing Tents As It Deals With COVID-19 Patients

Regional Medical Center Orangeburg Hospital is also preparing for the upcoming hurricane season


Puerto Rico Lacks Hospital To Survive COVID-19

Puerto Rico has a surge in COVID-19 infections


Hand Hygiene Even More Important in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Healthcare facilities must sustain the gains achieved during the pandemic


Tenn. Hospitals Preparing Extra Space If Needed For Covid-19 Patients

COVID-19 hospitalizations are hitting new highs in the region


Contact Tracing Gets Real

Hospitals and clinics look to location based intelligence (LBI) for fully automated, real-time contact and contagion tracking


NICUs Facing Unique Challenges During Covid

A patient is labor is not going to be asked to wear a mask


Germicidal Technologies Can Reduce Hospital Airborne Pathogens

UV-C energy can fortify hospital defenses against infectious diseases by reducing their concentrations without increasing their resistance to medicines



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