Maintenance and Operations

Boston Hospital builds a Covid-19 forecasting system

Forecasting can be useful in times of uncertainty


The importance of FTEs for pandemic preparedness

Full-time employees and contractors must be determined on an environment-by-environment basis


Preparing facilities for reopening

Take time to review existing best practices and embrace innovation


FEMA paid company $7M for plastic soda bottles

Original order was for test tubes for COVID-19 testing


Implementing a healthcare data platform to promote high-value care

The global pandemic amplifies the day-to-day challenges of identifying gaps in care


How cloud-integrated robotics can make your budget and staff more efficient – choose to make a difference today

The U.S. healthcare system must look for opportunities to automate tedious tasks


What Ghana has to teach US healthcare

The level of healthcare in Ghana is currently very low, whereas the level of healthcare in the U.S. is considerably higher, but they are facing the same concerns


Mastering the master planning process

Evolving market requires new master planning approaches


Effective surface preparation key to successful painting projects

Managers who understand the importance of ensuring that workers perform effective surface preparation are more likely to produce successful applications


Wealthy hospitals have a cushion to weather coronavirus crisis that safety-net facilities don’t

Cancellations of nonessential surgeries come with the coronavirus patients



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