Fire - strategies, tips and insights for the healthcare facilities management industry

One Dead, Several Injured After Explosion at Retirement Home

The Three Stages Of Facility Emergency Response

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Fire-Watch

Firefighters Work To Protect California Hospital

Pa. Hospital Using ‘Mobile Boiler Rooms’ During Repairs After Fire

Penn. Hospital Fire Sparks Shelter-in-Place Order For Area

Pa. Hospital Patient Suffering Third-Degree Burns In Operating Room Fire

Inspecting, Testing, And Maintaining Fire Alarm Systems

Keeping Patients, Staff Safe With Smart Healthcare Facilities

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Four-foot wrap around for ABHR dispensers

Illuminating the importance of emergency and exit lights

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Fire alarm strobes in offices

Early planning of fire safety systems can saves time, money

NFPA Develops Additional Guidance for Healthcare Facilities During COVID-19 Pandemic

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Annual testing of fire pump

Florida man sets hospital bed on fire to get nurse’s attention

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Documentation of life safety assessment

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Smoke barrier between two different occupancies

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Self-closing doors on hazardous rooms

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Storage of flammable liquids (Part 4)

Wildfires, power outages impact on healthcare in California called unprecedented

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Auto flush bolts

Patient burned in fire at Mich. ER

Nursing home fire spurs evacuation

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Fire door inspections

Fire protection program essentials include education

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Smoke detectors

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Fire/smoke damper drawings

Glasgow hospital fire evacuation protocols called 'chaotic and confusing'

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Smoke detectors

Extinguish these myths about fire emergencies

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Gift shops

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Life safety drawings

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: False-alarm fire drills

Adventist Health won't reopen Camp Fire-damaged Feather River Hospital

Jacksonville hospital evacuates 77 patients after an air handler sparks a fire

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Portable fire extinguishers

Grand Rapids hospital arson suspect caught on way to helipad

Garage becomes makeshift hospital during Calif. wildfires

Cooking, corridors and compartments: 3 NFPA updates for your longterm care facility

Patients evacuated when Camp Fire damages Adventist Health Feather River Hospital

Tips for healthcare facility managers to stay in compliance with NFPA

Fire that threatened Amarillo hospital district brought potential evacuation lessons

UK hospital fire safety walls won't be fixed until late 2019

Toaster oven fire sparks partial evacuation of N.J. healthcare facility

Life Safety Q&A: Fire damper testing frequency for longterm care facilities

Manchester cancer center fire sparks patient evacuation

Q&A: Fire door annual test and inspection

Hospital's safety problems tied to holes in fire compartment walls

Fire safety fears force remedial work healthcare facility

California senior facility's needs meant challenging fire sprinkler system installation

Heavy snows cause gas leak, fire at Duxbury memory care facility

Occupant notification device Q&A

Breach of fire regulations in operating rooms spark changes

Surgical fire prevention strategies

Firefighting in hospitals takes specialized training

Ensuring health facility firewall integrity

Building deficiencies found at Maine hospital

Adoption of 2012 Life Safety Code will come with pros and cons

New regulations target flame-retardant chemicals

Effects of Quebec fire extend to US and abroad

CMS proposal for annual generator test for healthcare facilities flawed

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Control Panel

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